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Creative Stock Item Opportunities: July–August 2023

Looking for some inspiration for your next creative project? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of Elements search terms with high customer demand and low supply. Be sure to keep these search trends in mind when when thinking about what to create next!

In this article, we’ll explore the popularity of HUD elements in graphic design, the increase in demand to get ‘phonky’ and much more.

Read on to find out the top creative stock content opportunities for July and August on Elements!

Quiz (Video Templates)

Quiz templates are an efficient way to create interactive quizzes. They’re designed to be customizable and easy to use, which saves video creators time and effort. Whether in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro, a quiz template can save hours on creating an engaging, interactive, and fun quiz for their audiences to watch.

Video creators are likely to be behind the rise in customer demand for quiz video templates. They may be looking to add quizzes to their education, training, or academic video projects and engage and educate their audience in a more effective manner.

Video quizzes may seem a bit counterintuitive, considering there won’t be an effective way for viewers to interact with them, but there’s actually a number of ways video template quizzes can be used to provide information or add a layer of engagement.

Mark Brodhuber Video Content Specialist, Envato

For example, a quiz segment might be shown right before a commercial break, with the answer to the quiz being presented as the show returns.

Video Templates could also be rendered out as two separate animations, and then used in a presentation, where the answer is revealed after the presenter clicks.

Don’t forget to use relevant tags in your quiz content such as:

  • Quiz
  • Trivia 
  • Test
  • Questionário
  • Examen

ChatGPT (Stock Video)

Large language model AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard have blown up in recent months and are showing no sign of slowing down in terms of growth and popularity. As a result, we’re continuing to see high customer demand for generative AI-themed content.

Motion Graphics can be used to demonstrate how the tools look and function. And these animations can also be used in footage, where an actor is filmed while they interact with the representation of the tool.

Given this [generative AI] can be a complex topic that usually requires some explanation to newer users, I expect the demand for stock content that can help demonstrate or explain these tools will continue growing over the next few months.

Mark Brodhuber Video Content Specialist, Envato

While customers are demanding content that is relevant to search terms like ‘ChatGPT’, it’s important to be aware of potential intellectual property (IP) issues that could arise.

ChatGPT and Bard are products that have their own unique user interfaces and logos that are part of their branding and protected under intellectual property laws. We recommend avoiding using the logos or user interfaces directly as this could infringe on the intellectual property rights of these companies and lead to potentially murky legal complications.

Stock footage creators should aim to steer clear of brand-specific design elements while keeping closely in line with the user intent and ‘look and feel’ of the product that customers might be looking for.

Mark Brodhuber Video Content Specialist, Envato

Make sure you use relevant tags such as:

  • ChatGPT
  • Ai
  • Chat bot
  • Artificial Intelligence

Procreate (Graphics Add-Ons)

Procreate is a popular digital drawing app for iPads, which offers a wide range of design possibilities for artists and designers.

This powerful app has revolutionized the world of digital art, providing artists with immense creative freedom to create designs on the go. With its extensive range of brushes, textures, and templates, Procreate enables artists and designers to create illustrations, sketches, paintings, and graphic designs that are on par with professional-quality prints.

Over the last few years, Procreate has exploded in popularity. So it’s no wonder we’re seeing high levels of customer demand for Procreate content on Elements.

Using design assets specifically made for Procreate saves time and effort in creating customized designs tailored specifically for the app. These assets may include brushes, templates, palettes, add-ons, and other design elements that are optimized for use with Procreate, ensuring that the design elements are made to work seamlessly with one another. 

Over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed a high customer demand for Procreate Brushes on Elements. And as you can see from the item count here, we still need more Procreate Brush items.

When adding your items to Elements don’t forget to tag with relevant tags such as:

  • Procreate
  • Digital Art 
  • Raster Graphics 
  • Digital Painting 
  • Tradigital Art
  • Procreate Brushes

You can also get some extra inspiration and learn more about how to create Procreate Brushes here.

Image credit: Streakside

HUD (Graphics)

HUD stands for Heads-Up Display, which is a term used to describe the digital displays used in aircraft, cars, and other vehicles to convey information to the user.

There’s been a rise in the popularity of the term “HUD” in graphic design searches. But why are creative professionals suddenly interested in HUD elements for their designs?

HUD could be seeing high customer demand for a few reasons. One is its association with science fiction and futuristic designs. Another is the versatility of HUD elements makes them a valuable asset for designers who need to create a range of different designs.

Many designers are incorporating HUD elements into their work to create visually striking and informative displays for their users.

Don’t forget to include relevant tags like:

  • Hud
  • Display
  • Futuristic
  • Scifi 
  • Graphic
  • Tech
Cyberpunk HUD Elements by Pixflow

Phonk (Music)

Phonk is a subgenre of hip hop and trap music inspired by 1990s Memphis rap characterized by heavily-mutated beats and sampled vocals, often interspersed with elements of jazz and funk.

The genre has gained popularity on platforms like SoundCloud, seeing an increase in use in recent years as its unique sound and atmosphere have captivated a global community of music producers and fans.

As a result, video and audio producers may search for music with the “phonk” tag as it provides a unique and captivating sound that can add depth and interest to their creative works.

The phonk genre is big on TikTok + Reels due to it’s fast-paced and lyric-less nature. It’s great for audience engagement and view-through on content that is short and doesn’t feature a person talking.

Hannah Copeland Senior Social Media Manager and TikTok Specialist, Envato

There have been several audios that have trended on TikTok in particular that have helped the genre become more mainstream, like Smoked Out Phonk which has been used across more than 600k+ videos.

‘Phonk’ music tends to build hype and includes multiple ‘drops’, which supports popular social media formats and elements like ‘watch me work’ progress videos, before + after videos, and transitions.

[Phonk] is a more intentional option over subtle and relaxed background music for when a creator wishes for the viewer to watch their video through to the end.

Hannah Copeland Senior Social Media Manager and TikTok Specialist, Envato

Examples of ‘phonk’ music on Elements


Phonk by Micrah

When adding your items to Elements don’t forget to tag with relevant tags such as:

  • Phonk
  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Funk

Wedding Songs (Music)

A wedding can be an emotional event, and the music chosen for it helps to create a romantic and celebratory atmosphere. Wedding songs typically include ballads, love songs, and instrumentals that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Video creators and audio producers may use wedding songs in their projects like wedding videos, love story videos, or romantic TV shows or movies. Additionally, they may use these songs & sounds in advertisements for bridal fashion, jewelry, or wedding planners.

We continue to see wedding related search terms trending and having high customer demand. This could be because wedding season in the US is fast approaching, with weddings peaking in June and September in the region.

During this time [wedding season], expect creative professionals to receive plenty of bridal briefs. They’ll require assets that will help them create videos and designs that will leave lasting memories

Julia Fernandez Senior Content Marketing Manager, Envato

Gay wedding party by Rawpixel

Wedding music items on Elements

Wedding Intro by fatbunny

Romantic Wedding by ULB_Production

Make sure to tag your items with relevant tags such as:

  • Wedding 
  • Wedding music
  • Celebration
  • Romantic

We hope that our list of terms with high customer demand has left you inspired and ready to create items that fill the gaps in our library!

Stay tuned for future opportunities based on customer demand, or check out some of our past ones below. You can also get some creative inspiration from our graphic design trendscolor trends, and logo trends for 2023!

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