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Creative Stock Content Opportunities: March-April 2023

Are you looking for some creative inspiration for your next project? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of items that customers are searching for on Elements, that are currently in low supply.

Get your creative juices flowing and your design tools going as you take a step back in time with vintage film overlays, make a difference with mental health based designs and help customers present their projects with mockups.

So without further ado, here are your top creative stock content opportunities for March and April on Elements.

Mother’s Day

Collage of various items from the Elements content library related to Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner for the people in the many countries that celebrate Mother’s Day in and around the month of May.

Mother’s Day has its roots in both religion and politics, but has since become a much more commercial event. Today, it is a major event on the marketing and sales calendar.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans were projected to have spent over $31 billion dollars on Mother’s Day in 2022.

There’s almost no bigger event on the calendar for brands and marketers than Mother’s Day.

Jo Birleson Senior Marketing Manager, Envato

Countries that celebrate Mother’s Day in May include the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, France, and Brazil.

To capitalize on the huge spike in demand for relevant and fresh content, now is the time to upload and publish your Mother’s Day content.

Make sure that you use your metadata to your advantage, and tag and title your items so they can be seen by customers looking for Mother’s Day content.

Some tags you could use are:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Mother
  • Mom (and Moms)
  • Mommy

Film Overlays

Vintage cameras and retro videography and photography styles have skyrocketed over the last few years, which has driven a comeback of nostalgic aesthetics and warm tones.

Nothing says retro like a film camera. As customers are looking for ways to replicate the retro look digitally, we have noticed a growing trend for film overlays on Elements.

“Since Covid, nostalgia has really inserted itself into pop culture and we’re seeing that lust for the past trickle down through graphic design into video”, says Jen McKinnon, Video Marketing Manager at Envato.

Customers are looking to make their videos feel more authentic, therefore are searching for film grain overlays like this Fuji Film Tape with Grain by slavamishura.

Film grain gives video a vintage, retro feel that many people love. It’s used as an artistic effect to make videos and photos look like they were taken with an old-school camera, and it can capture the feeling of nostalgia.

“The historical look of film grain has become popular again through the shift back to experimentation with analog technologies, and many creators are recreating that vibe in digital formats through the use of overlays,” says Jen.

This Vhs Noise Overlay by LayerAce is a great example of how customers can add texture to their videos. While this Overlay Timecode by kovasdos will help customers to achieve a distinctive retro look.

Help customers speed up their editing process by uploading your high-quality film overlays to Elements. Don’t forget to tag your items with the following terms so customers can find them.

  • Film
  • Film Overlay
  • Old Film 
  • Film Grain
  • Film Burn
  • Vhs

Mental Health

The importance of mental health can not be overstated as mental health issues affect millions of people every year.

With a “13% rise in mental health conditions in the last decade” businesses are looking to improve their mental health care. There is currently high demand for Mental Health templates as companies look to support the needs of their employees.

Mental-health activism has become a significant ‘trend’ over the past few years – especially on social media. Instagram templates like this one by usedesignspace are popular with customers as they’re easy to customize and can help businesses to promote their values around mental health and well-being.

A lot of people are using apps to help deal with everyday hurdles such as stress, anxiety, depression etc. Customers are searching for UI Kits like this one by RekreativID, which can help to develop an app with stand-out designs. 

We know that being a freelancer can be exciting but also mentally exhausting. You often need to wear all the hats, which can take its toll on your mental health. So, If you’re looking for ways to look after your mental wellness, then check out our article here.

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th this year—a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues, supporting those who need it most, and educating people on how to look after their mental health. So, if you have high-quality mental health content, be sure to upload them to Elements using the following tags pronto!

  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Healthy Mind
  • Mental Illness

Ramadan & Eid 

Seasonal events and religious holidays often drive huge customer demand for relevant content, which is why it’s so important to put them in your diary so that you can begin making content for them a few months ahead. 

Over 1 billion people globally will participate in Ramadan this year, which means that Ramadan-related items will be particularly useful for content creation. We see a spike in this search term on Elements throughout March and April.

The festival runs from March 22nd to April 20th this year and we can already see a huge demand for Ramadan content in the video template space. This social media template by inspireMotion is a great example of how customers can promote this popular holiday on social media.

Customers are also searching for templates like this Ramadan After Effects template by Graphiqa, which has multiple functions such as video explainer, presentation, infographics, landing page, web animation, Facebook and Instagram posts etc.

Another seasonal event to mark in your calendar is Eid. Every year, a significant number of customers download Eid-related content. This detailed social media pack by vynetta is a popular item for customers.

For more inspiration, check out our Ramadan photo collection. Upload your Ramadan and Eid content to Elements and tag your items with the following:

  • Ramadan
  • Eid
  • Mubarak

Device Mockups

We’ve seen a high demand for mockups, especially device mockups like laptop, phone, tablet etc.

Mockups are popular with customers as they can make the job of presenting projects that much easier – bringing to life ideas in ways that have real-life applicability. Device mockups are especially important when demonstrating that a concept carries seamlessly across devices.

Customers are searching for mockups on Elements to help put their designs in real-world scenarios with the most recent tech gadgets.

This MacBook Mockup by zippypixels is great for showcasing iOS applications as well as web designs, and includes all of the Apple devices that customers need: MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

iPad and iPhone Mock Up from RetroBox gives customers flexibility, with the ability to modify everything from logos and text to background colors and gradients. It will help customers experiment with their projects.

So, if you have high-quality items that fall into this category, this is a great time to add them to Elements.  Be sure to keep the following keywords in mind when tagging your items so that customers can find your work:

  • Mockup
  • Mobile
  • Iphone
  • Laptop

There are also several global events coming up in the next few months that drive huge customer demand. Easter and Pride Month are just some of them. If you have high-quality items in these categories then now is the time to upload them. 

Happy creating! We look forward to seeing your amazing work on Elements. We’ll keep you in the loop with future creative stock item opportunities.

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