10 Fonts Our Team Loved

10 Fonts Our Team Loved

Today we’re featuring a bunch of fonts that stood out to the members of Team Envato. Some of these fonts caught the eyes of members of our social media team, in-house designers, and marketing teams!

Congratulations to all the Authors whose work was featured on this list: kerismaker, antipixel, MindburgerStudio, zeenesia, vuuuds, Graphicxell, craftsupplyco, letterhend, Typebae, and PrioritypeCo! 

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Display fonts

Purple Magic by PrioritypeCo

3D fonts are having a big moment, and PrioritypeCo’s Purple Magic encapsulates this trend perfectly! If you follow Envato on Instagram, you might have noticed this font got its own feature a few weeks ago!

Social Media design influencers have been experimenting with 3D ‘bubble’ fonts since late 2023 and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Purple Magic is my current go-to, due to its hand-drawn appeal, making it ideal for crafting engaging social media posts and eye-catching poster designs.

Bethany Gerrie Social Media Manager, Envato

Wooow by vuuuds

This bold sans serif font, wooow from graphics Author vuuuds is an eye-catching example of the power of unique fonts.

The varying weights of each letter keep the audience’s attention, making it a compelling choice for bold posters, logos, and brand identities seeking a distinctive and heavy visual impact.

This font, and the accompanying example images fit nicely in with the modern twist on an old style: Neo-brutalism.

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Dream Sparks by Typebae

This playful bubble font, ‘Dream Sparks‘ is available in a range of 2D and 3D styles, making it adaptable to a wide range of projects. It capitalizes on the modern trend of 3D fonts, while also paying homage to the retro styles that are back in fashion.

Dream Sparks is perfect for creatives seeking to infuse their designs with a touch of youthful energy and creativity. This font will work great as a display font where a sense of fun is paramount.

Keiron Lewis Digital Design Manager, Envato

Sans serif fonts

Going Modern Sans Serif Font Typeface by Graphicxell

Going Modern Sans Serif Font Typeface is popular among members of Team Envato for its simplicity. With clean lines and modern aesthetics, it is suitable for diverse projects including templates, branding, and more.

Austral Sans by antipixel

Austral Sans is a hand-drawn layered font designed by antipixel. Its inky, stamp-like quality evokes a certain nomadic feeling, and makes us think of travelling around the globe. Luckily for us, Austral Sans is also a highly versatile font that can be used in a range of languages, so we it can be taken all over the globe!

If you’re looking for a unique font that pushes boundaries and embodies rebellion and versatility at once, then Austral Sans is a winner. The hand-drawn layered design would work really well in eye-catching ads, edgy branding or standout packaging.

Jo Birleson Senior Marketing Manager, Envato

Bergen Sans by MindburgerStudio

Bergen Sans is a a shining example of how design simplicity can translate into effective visual communication. Our team loved the way that its modern, clean design that perfectly balances simplicity with character.

The distinctive edge this font possesses is due not only to its visual appeal, but also in its remarkable versatility. Bergen Sans comprises a full set of glyphs, making it an adaptable tool in a designer’s arsenal.

As a marketer and fan of Scandinavian style and Bauhaus aesthetics, I can’t go past the sleek and modern sophistication of a font like Bergen Sans. It brings instant class to any branding or packaging design and screams minimalist elegance.

Jo Birleson Senior Marketing Manager, Envato

Serif fonts

Nomadic by letterhend

Western is back, baby! Thanks to celebrity influence—in particular Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter—the aesthetic trends and stylistic influences of the Wild Wild West are back in Vogue.

One of the easiest ways for creatives to jump on this trend is to use fonts that evoke the feelings associated with cowboy chic! This typeface, Nomadic by letterhend is a perfect example of this!

The Western aesthetic has experienced a resurgence, partly due to Beyoncé’s influence, leading to a newfound spotlight on Western fonts among our design audience. Nomadic is a perfect example of a font that can add a bit of country western flair to a project.

Bethany Gerrie Social Media Manager, Envato

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Nebulen by zeenesia

Nebulen is an elegant and sophisticated typeface with a combination of soft curves and sharp edges. Creatives searching for fonts that imbue their project with a mix of modern and classic features will love this font—and so did our team!

Plus, Nebulen works well in both headings and fine print, making it super versatile!

Glastone – Modern Serif Typeface by craftsupplyco

Glastone is a modern serif typeface that has garnered popularity for its unique combination of beauty, femininity, and contemporary sophistication. It stands out for its graceful lines and modern aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of design projects.

Its ability to infuse a sense of class and elegance into designs, while also being versatile enough to make any project eye-catching and trendy, are among its best features. Craft Supply Co.’s attention to detail in creating Glastone has made it a go-to typeface for creatives looking to impart a sense of sophistication and modernity into their work.

Crown Heaven Font by kerismaker

Crown Heaven Font skilfully mixes old-style charm with a modern look. This combination makes it a great choice for designers who want to combine the best of the past and present in their work.

Our team loves the flair that Crown Heaven contains. Plus, we appreciate that it offers a wide variety of letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters, making it a versatile tool for any creative project.

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