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8 Color Trends For 2023

Color can be an extremely powerful design tool. In fact, colors can significantly impact graphic design trends, aesthetics, mood, and consumer behavior.

Colors help designers to elevate the visual experience by evoking an emotional response and influencing messaging, so understanding what colors to use in your designs is important.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the use of subtle subdued colors, this year we’re expecting bold, optimistic palettes.

So, if you’re looking to add a splash of color to your designs this year then here are the top color trends to look out for.

1. Seeing Red

Author Credit: sagesmask

Red is on the rise and is certainly making an impact. We are seeing this color used in both fashion and design as it is associated with power, passion, danger, and courage.

Customers can use red as a bold background for web pages, YouTube banners, and social media posts – like these wave designs and Abstract Backgrounds by devotchkah. Or, if they’re looking to make their work stand out from the crowd, they could use this Photoshop poster template from Envato Creator sagesmask.

2. New Freedom

Author Credit: RuslanL

There has been a shift in the use of color post-covid as we see designers expressing their newfound freedom through color. This “new freedom” has resulted in positive artworks, bright, optimistic color palettes, and broadened design horizons.

“Designers are finding a new positive outlook post-pandemic which is showing in their work,” says Envato Senior Designer Keiron Lewis.

The New Freedom trend is about using color to encourage exploration and experimentation. This Liquid Lilac Purple Abstract Background by Ruslana resembles acrylic paint and will help customers add a splash of color to their designs.

3. Prom Queen

Author Credit: Graphicapital

With the resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic, we are seeing barbie pinks, baby blues, and lilacs take a noughties twist in design. For example, this Instagram Set by graphicapital features bright, colorful pixel art and a fluffy throwback to the turn of the century. 

This vibrant retro video template by sonorafilms and barbie pink fluffy fur background by Karolinavideokidz are great examples of how customers can easily integrate this prom queen look into their own designs. 

4. Time to Celebrate

Author Credit: august10

Now that events are officially back on, we’re seeing celebrations left right, and center, from weddings to milestone birthdays.

As a result, designers have begun exploring pastel palettes and shades usually reserved for special occasions.

Customers are looking for wedding templates like this one by august10 as it features a soft pink palette and elegant illustrations. This vintage-inspired wedding invitation by moodboy is another great example of what customers are looking for as it features delicate flora and foliage.

While this Adobe Lightroom preset will guarantee wedding day perfection for photographers.

5. Life’s A Beach

Author Credit: Sko4

Holidays have been put on hold over the past few years, so customers are now looking for a visual vacation in their designs. This color trend is screaming holiday vibes—think golden sands, blazing yellows, and lazuli blue.

From white parasols to sunglasses salesman, this campaign from fashion brand Diesel turns up the heat on the beachside aesthetic – and we expect to see sun, sea, and sand shades extending rays of warmth well into 2023. 

This sand-themed Photoshop Action by Sko4 featuring washed-up shells and starfish details screams vacation vibes and allows customers to explore escapism in their designs. While this lightroom preset by 2FX will deliver the perfect summer look.

6. Dark Academia

Author Credit: sparklestock

Dark academia has taken the online world by storm. This trend is a social media aesthetic with an emphasis on reading, writing, the arts, and classic Greek and Gothic architecture.

Making old-school studies and dusty libraries look ultra-chic, this TikTok subculture takes influence from old universities, libraries, and dimly lit offices, embracing dark colors, rich textures, and vintage-inspired decor.

This trend uses moody green and burgundy palettes, shades of brown, earth tones, off-white, dark orange, and gold.

Thanks to Dark Academia, learning never looked so good. These 25 Lightroom Presets with dark tones will help customers achieve this gothic look, creating an atmosphere of studious sophistication, complete with warm colors to give a vintage look

7. Lady Liberty

Author Credit: lgolubovystock

Lady Liberty’s iconic greenish tinge – verdigris – is a crucial trend for 2023, according to WGSN and Coloro. The 93-meter-tall figure is covered in copper, which oxidizes when exposed to air and salt water, resulting in the visually stunning blue-green-grey color that’s catching everyone’s eye right now. 

For customers looking to incorporate this color into their designs this inky Abstract Background contains the subtly shifting shades that make verdigris versatile. 

8. Pantone Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 – Viva Magenta – is a color “vibrating with vim and vigor,” – which is precisely what we need as we move into the new year. 

This year’s color is a blush – or “nuanced crimson” – described by the brand as “an unconventional red for an unconventional time.” It introduces the world to what Pantone defines as “The Magentaverse,” a nod to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse and a color that straddles digital and physical environments.

This magenta background by themefire, abstract motion graphic by MIBTEMPLATES and magenta brochure template by Boris_Cupac are great examples of how customers can incorporate the color of the year into their work.

That does it for the color trends we’re predicting in 2023! When creating your items be sure to keep these colors in mind. We look forward to seeing your work on Elements. For more visual trends, check out our graphic design trends for 2023.

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