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Creative Stock Content Opportunities: May-June 2023

We’ve compiled a list of items that customers are searching for on Elements, that are currently in low supply. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration for your next creative project, be sure to keep these search trends in mind when brainstorming ideas.

This month love is in the air as customers are searching for wedding content, as well as eco-friendly video templates, morph animations, and crafty textures.

Read on to find out the top creative stock content opportunities for May and June on Elements.

Wedding Content

In past item opportunities articles, we’ve identified ‘wedding content’ as a key opportunity and we’re now seeing another spike in demand for this type of content in the video space. 

This could be because wedding season in the US is fast approaching, with weddings peaking in June and September in the region. “During this time, expect creative professionals to receive plenty of bridal briefs–and to require assets that will help them create videos and designs that will leave lasting memories,” says Julia Fernandez, Senior Content Marketing Manager. 

Customers are seeking video templates with multiple functions like this one, which can be used as a save-the-date invitation and a digital wedding album post-wedding, as well as templates that are mobile-friendly like this dynamic video template by VersaStock.

With the rise of social media, customers are also searching for unique ways to create and share their wedding content. This Instagram Stories template is a great example of this.

People who film and produce wedding videos for customers are increasingly seeking high-quality video template content to add that final element of polish to their deliverables.

Mark Brodhuber, Envato’s Video Content Specialist

Wedding design trends are constantly evolving, so when creating content to fit this demand, make sure you have researched the latest wedding theme trends and include them in your designs as this will help your items to sell and remain relevant for longer.

“The switch in seasons across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, alongside varied tastes and preferences means that weddings are an all-year-round affair. So, whatever the weather wherever you are, there’s guaranteed demand for save-the-date templates, invitation designs, romantic script fonts, slideshows, video openers, and wedding websites,” explains Julia.

Upload your wedding content to Elements and tag your items with the following:

  • Save the date 
  • RSVP
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Engagement


As the concerns for global warming rise, we’ve seen companies shift towards a greater focus on environmental sustainability. Customers are valuing sustainability more than ever, therefore many businesses are looking to communicate and share their commitments to supporting sustainable practices. 

Pair this with World Environment Day on June 5th and Plastic-Free July, we expect to see a spike in demand for sustainable content on Elements such as social media templates like this one by ninthmotion, which uses eye-catching animations to express sustainable messaging. 

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly pressing topic for brands. We’ve seen a high search demand for sustainability content in the video templates space. We believe this is due to many companies looking to go green, therefore are getting creative with their digital assets. 

This eco promo video template by MotionMediaGroup is a great example of an item that customers are searching for. This customizable template is versatile and uses cool transitions and modern typography titles. While these 50 Eco Icons by MotionTheory are great for creating an eco look and feel. 

“Over the past year I’ve seen a shift in thinking from reduce, reuse, recycle to adopting a low carbon, plastic-free lifestyle,” says Kate McInnes, Design Content Specialist at Envato. “It’s great to see more and more people make sustainable lifestyle choices and use content to share the message with others.”

Being a B Corp, sustainability is close to our hearts so read our article to find out how Envato’s Sustainability Committee is increasing Envato’s positive impact and working towards the greener good.

When uploading your sustainability content, don’t forget to tag your items correctly so that customers can find your work.

  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable
  • Eco
  • Ecological
  • Eco-friendly


Morphing has become increasingly popular in the design world, in fact, more and more brands are using morph logos and animations in their digital marketing.

Even big tech giants like Google are using morphing animation to create their recognizable Google Play logo.

This trend is all about movement and can say a lot with just a few moving elements. Morphing, along with liquid animation has been a popular trend and style in recent months. It involves seamless flowing and transitioning between objects, shapes, or text elements and in some cases actually looks like animated flowing liquid. 

“Videos that use this style are generally pretty light and faster paced, and enable a smooth flow throughout the video making it easier to keep the viewer engaged”, says Mark Brodhuber, Envato’s Video Content Specialist.

Customers are searching for video templates like this seamless reveal by Lava_Motion and logo reveal by MarcoHD, which incorporates digital distortion and glitch elements to help make a statement.

“We’re also seeing a growing movement around the use of distortion and morphing of the characters within words. Where a word may stretch, skew, or reposition different elements during the animation,” says Mark.

When adding relevant items to Elements, consider using the following terms when titling, describing, or tagging your content.

  • Morph
  • Distort
  • Morphing
  • Transform


With the power to give any design a crafty DIY feel, brushstrokes are in hot demand right now!

“Brushstrokes are a great way to add texture and visual interest to artwork and designs. You can alter opacities, layer them on backgrounds and mask them in shapes to develop interesting and unique compositions,” says Mel Findlay, Digital Designer at Envato.

We are seeing high demand for brushstroke motion graphics as customers search for ways to add character and personality to their designs. Templates like this one by AlexanderChapaev will help customers to achieve that much-desired DIY look by adding layered textures to their designs.

With 35 unique animated brush stroke frames to choose from, These Brush Strokes Matte Frames by Rouge_Trader will help customers bring their videos to life.

This opportunity falls into the retro collage trend that we mentioned in our 2023 Branding Trends article. This trend is all about crafty illustrations—think brushstrokes, ripped paper edges, scrawled fonts, and cutout collages.

Another crafty search trend is ‘Paper Tear’, customers could be looking for graphic templates like these Torn Deckled Paper Edges by NassyArt to bring real-world textures into the digital realm as well as help brands create captivating collages.

Don’t forget to upload your high-quality items using the following keywords: 

  • Brushstroke
  • DIY
  • Crafty

Mental Health

In our previous Item Opportunities article, we highlighted Mental Health as a key search term and this month we are seeing the demand for this content continue to grow.

There is currently a high demand for mental health graphics and video templates as companies look to support the needs of their employees.

While mental health is not really a trend, Mental-health activism has become significant over the past few years – especially on social media. Instagram templates like this one by usedesignspace are popular with customers as they’re easy to customize. While these explainer animations by ninthmotion can help businesses to promote their values around mental health and well-being.

A lot of people are using apps to help deal with everyday hurdles such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Customers are searching for UI Kits like this one by RekreativID, which can help to develop an app with stand-out designs. 

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th this year—a day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues, supporting those who need it most, and educating people on how to look after their mental health. Even though this event is a few months away we are still seeing customers searching for mental health content now, so if you have high-quality mental health content, be sure to upload them to Elements using the following tags pronto!

  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Healthy Mind
  • Mental Illness

Don’t miss out on these item opportunities! We look forward to seeing your amazing work on Elements. We’ll keep you in the loop with future creative stock item opportunities.

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