8 Graphic Design Trends For 2023

Design trends, styles, and techniques constantly change as the graphic design industry evolves. So, with the new year almost upon us, which graphic design trends will dominate in 2023? 

Ready to delve into our 2023 trend predictions? From anti-branding to vivid minimalism, here are the top graphic design trends for 2023. 

1. Anti-Branding 

Author Credit: yogurt86

While the anti-branding trend is simple, this design style can make an impact. In fact, many brands are embracing this trend to demonstrate authenticity and reliability.

Customers are looking to use anti-branding to give their designs a human expression by using neutral embossed logos and handwriting and imprecise typography.

We predict that customers will be looking to apply the anti-branding aesthetic to their designs in 2023 and will be looking for simple mock-ups like this one by yogurt86 to help them.

Find out more about the anti-branding trend here.

2. Creative Typography

Author Credit: Ramzehhh

Creative typography is all about pushing the boundaries of traditional typography and exploring new ways to create text-based designs.

Designers have been experimenting with typography and are looking for something new to try in their graphic design work. Customers looking to get creative with typography are searching for fonts like this collage-inspired font by Ramzehhh, which comprises newspaper-style clippings and old-school typewriter text to create a chaotic effect.

This hand-drawn look font is another great example of what customers are searching for. The versatile design is perfect for logo marks, typographic quotes, and packaging.  

“A lot of typography-heavy designs are leaning more towards highly stylized sans serif lettering that usually has a lot of character. We’re also seeing a growing movement around the use of distortion and morphing of the characters within words. Where a word may stretch, skew, or reposition different elements during the animation,” says Mark Brodhuber, Envato’s Video Content Specialist. 

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3. Y2K Evolution

Author credit: aiyari

The Y2K aesthetic is definitely back and has us feeling super nostalgic, as creatives, creators and social media users alike rediscover the charm of this fun futuristic style.

The resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic began on social media, therefore customers are looking for colorful funky Y2K designs like this Instagram pack, which features bold colors, retro frames, and chunky fun fonts. 

2000s design was also defined by its tacky textures such as plastic and metallics and this holographic chrome logo mock-up by pixelbuddha is a great example of how customers can easily integrate this look into their own designs. 

4. Radiant Gradients 

Author Credit: Sko4

Gradients are versatile, visually pleasing, and an easy, effective way to add color and texture to any design. While they’ve been popular for some time, we’re seeing an increase in demand for experimental designs.

“Gradients have come a long way in terms of what’s possible,” says Sean Feehan, Envato UX Designer. “This has led to exciting exploration and developments with irregular and multicolor blends among the creative community.” 

Customers are looking to blend the gradient trend into their work. These Instagram templates by Sko4 will make it super easy for customers to combine shades, overlay shapes, and add modern fonts to make a statement. While these dreamy gradients are customizable, allowing customers to create endless variations.

5. Vivid Minimalism 

Author Credit: jegtheme

The vivid minimalism trend pairs simple design elements with bright, bold colors, balancing restraint and playfulness.

“Vivid minimalism brings a playful energy to a project without compromising on clean design,” explains Envato Senior Designer Keiron Lewis. “This trend juxtaposes minimalist with maximalist, allowing designs to retain sophistication while having a unique point of difference.” 

This minimalist business card template by graphics Author jegtheme perfectly exemplifies this trend, allowing customers to customize the design and make a great first impression.

6. “New Freedom”

Author Credit: graphicook

The pandemic came with a whole host of rules and restrictions. But, as we return to normality, designers are experimenting with our collective sense of new-found freedom. This “new freedom” has resulted in positive artworks, bright, optimistic color palettes, and broadened design horizons.

“Designers are finding a new positive outlook post-pandemic which is showing in their work,” says Keiron. “Think optimistic color palettes, experimental type, photography treatments influenced by travel, creative progression, and individuality.” 

This travel-inspired template by Mc_Little screams vacation vibes and allows customers to explore escapism in their designs. While this business card design is bright, bold and beautiful.

7. Candy Pastels

Author Credit:bayurakhmadio

We predict there will be high demand for candy pastel colors in 2023. Think baby blue, bubblegum pink, and sunshine yellow to bring a playful feel to any design.

“Soft, soothing, and playful, candy pastels are the perfect mood boosters,” Keiron says. “As digital displays improve and the richness of color increases, these calming tones are being utilized more across social media assets and web design. They’re the perfect antithesis to the bright and bold colors also trending.” 

These Instagram feed templates by bayurakhmadio will allow customers to give their socials a glow-up. Easy to customize, these templates pair gradients, pastel backgrounds, and twinkling stars for a magical result. 

8. Foundational Diversity 

Author credit: NassyArt

Customers are a diverse group of people from all over the world and they’re looking for diverse content that represents them and their communities.

Brands are looking to make diversity a core value by employing diverse practices across their branding and design work. As an Envato Author, you have the opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion through the items that you create.

Graphics Author, NassyArt creates stunning art that represents people from all walks of life. “I create portraits of women of different races, pregnant women, business and fashionable women,” she says. “While I like to draw women, to me it doesn’t matter what gender you are – the main thing is what you’re capable of. People should be judged for their achievements and hard work, not for their gender, race or sexuality.” 

This cool illustration by jegtheme and graphic by askproject are great examples of how you can influence customers to include diversity in their designs.

As more brands and graphic designers actively seek to embrace diversity and inclusivity, we’re looking forward to seeing more designs showcasing diversity front and center – and not just in the short term. 

This Body Diversity Illustration Set or these beautiful illustrations of pregnant mothers are fully editable vector files that allow customers to change size and color in a few clicks. 

Find out more about the importance of creating diverse content here.

That does it for the graphic design trends we’re predicting in 2023! We look forward to seeing your work on Elements. For more visual trends, check out our item opportunities for December.

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