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Trend Deep Dive: AI Tools

Want to learn how and why you should be creating content with the theme of AI tools? Then you’re in the right place!

As you know, Envato is a one-stop-shop for creatives seeking unique digital assets to enhance their projects. As such, it’s important that we’re able to provide customers with a content library that is full of fresh content that meets the demands of their clients and the wider market. 

At Envato HQ, we keep a close eye on what our customers are searching for and one recent trend is particularly clear. Our customers are searching for assets related to the use of AI, in particular the use of Large Language Model (LLM) AI tools such as ChatGPT.  

In this article, we’ll deepen our understanding of why AI powered tools are trending as search terms on Envato Elements, and how you might be able to contribute to meeting this demand. 

Businessman with Google Bard by mammadzadarashad

It feels like the world is changing faster than ever before—because it is!

The world is innovating and changing at a rate previously unimaginable, and there is one big thing that is helping to drive this change: AI. Across all industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, education, and even crime prevention, AI is having a significant impact on how we live and work. 

In particular, marketing and communications are one industry that is being significantly disrupted by AI.  With the right prompts, AI can quickly and easily produce compelling blog posts, social media copy, media releases and more. The increasing use of Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT and other generative AI tools is allowing people to create natural-sounding copy with the click of a button. As these tools gain popularity, they are revolutionizing the way content creators and creative professionals work. 

It makes sense then that our customers and their clients are looking for assets to represent these AI tools in creative stock. This includes photos, illustrations and stock video that represent AI tools such as ChatGPT.

[Generative AI] can be a complex topic that usually requires some explanation to newer users. I expect that the demand for stock content that can help demonstrate or explain these tools will continue growing over the next few months.

Mark Brodhuber Video Content Specialist, Envato

Chat bot Artificial Intelligence by pingingz

Customers and clients searching for imagery or videos related to ChatGPT are looking to visually represent the concepts of Language Models (LLMs) and AI tools in their projects.

It’s important to understand the contexts in which customers are searching for LLM-related content. When you understand why a customer is looking for items that align with a certain trend, it’s easier to create content that matches what they will be looking for. 

Here are 5 possible examples of how and why customers might be searching for AI tool related (such as ChatGPT) items: 

  • Research and Educational Purposes: customers could be searching for ChatGPT-related items on Envato Elements for research purposes or to build educational content around the topic.
  • Marketing Material: businesses or individuals could be looking for ChatGPT-related videos or animations to promote their products or services in a modern and technology-driven way.
  • Chatbot Development: ChatGPT could potentially be used as a foundation for building advanced chatbots. Developers might be searching for ChatGPT-related items to recreate the voice and visuals, or to learn more about similar technology.
  • Gaming and Entertainment: visitors to Elements could be searching for AI tooling related items to incorporate into their gaming streams or other entertainment content.
  • Personal Interest: those interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning could be searching for ChatGPT-related videos or animations to learn more about the concept or to showcase their interest in the field.
Bard pop up windows by Vipho

What kind of LLM / AI content should Envato Authors create?

Stock photographers, videographers or graphic designers should try and create images or capture footage that demonstrates:

  • the interaction between humans and AI, 
  • the process of designing AI algorithms, 
  • or, how AI interfaces operate. 

For example, photos, footage or illustrations could feature: 

  • people working on computers
  • collaboration between humans and AI technology
  • close-up shots of hands typing on keyboards
  • people using AI software. 
AI Chat GPT UI by roadcreative

Additionally, images or footage depicting futuristic technology, abstract communication concepts, or visual representations of chatbots and language processing may also be sought after.

By providing content that visually represents LLMs and AI tools, creative stock Authors can cater to the increasing demand for visuals that complement the exploration and understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

While this advice can help our Authors align with customer needs, it’s also essential to consider Envato specific guidelines or restrictions or those of OpenAI regarding the usage of their brand or logo in the photos.

IP considerations for content creation

While creating content relating to AI tools and LLMs it is important to be aware of potential intellectual property (IP) issues that could arise when using the brand’s user interface or logo directly in the footage.

ChatGPT and Bard are products that have their own interfaces and logos that are part of their branding and protected under IP laws. Use of these logos and user interfaces may infringe on the rights of the respective owners resulting in legal disputes and potential lawsuits. This has the potential to cause harm to both the creators and the customers.

To avoid any potential IP issues, it’s a good idea for Authors to use generic or similar-looking interfaces that are not directly identifiable with the project or the company.

For example, when creating clips related to ChatGPT, try to use an interface that looks similar to ChatGPT but does not use their exact logo or design.

So, aim to steer clear of these brand-specific design elements while keeping closely in line with the user intent and ‘look and feel’ of the product that customers might be looking for.

Openai Touchscreen animation by MIBTEMPLATES

Will the AI trend last?

It’s hard to say whether or not some of the hype around consumer-level generative AI tools is just a fad.

Some of the tools that are popular today, like ChatGPT, Bard and, may give way to newer and even more sophisticated models. However, it seems likely that AI will continue to have a significant role to play in content generation.

As a result, creative professionals will need to be able to visually communicate the concept of AI—so we’ll need plenty of content for them on Envato!

Check out our latest item opportunities article for more information about what search terms and trending right now.

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