Trend Deep Dive: Vertical Video

There is no denying that video is the most engaging form of content online. With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 million people now using Instagram Stories daily, and so much video content floating around online, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest video trends to ensure you’re ahead of the curve.

One trend that we have seen an increase in demand for is vertical video. As we mentioned in our video item opportunities article, due to the rise of social media, vertical video has become more and more in demand and will only continue to thrive.

So, what is a vertical video? 

Vertical video is a video that is made in portrait mode and has a 9:16 aspect ratio. They are taller in height than they are in width and the ideal dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels. Check out our library of vertical videos on Elements for examples. 

Why is vertical video so popular?

  • The world has gone mobile. In fact, 57% of the world’s video views come from mobile devices. We all hold our phones vertically about 94% of the time (who wants to flip their phone?) and with that comes an increase in vertically viewed videos online.
Over the last few years we’ve seen a shift in the consumption of media, with people now spending more time per day using a mobile phone than watching television.

Mark Brodhuber Envato’s Video Content Specialist

  • Customers favor video that appears more authentic. Vertical video feels more genuine and natural, compared to horizontal video, which in a world where vertical video is dominating, can feel overproduced and staged. Paired with relatability is the fact that it’s also affordable and easy to produce. These days, talking to camera with a handheld device hits the mark with audiences much more than an expensive and staged studio setup! 
  • Viewers are more likely to finish vertical videos, with a 90% higher completion rate compared to horizontal videos. In fact, 79% of consumers claim that the format is more engaging due to a better use of space and overall positive viewing experience.  65% of people find brands using vertical video for their advertising to be “more innovative”.
  • Vertical video has become an important part of a brand’s social media strategy as major platforms like Instagram and TikTok favor the vertical format. “There has been an explosive growth of video-based social platforms like Instagram Stories, Reels, TikTok, and Snapchat. Users now expect short, succinct, and to-the-point video content and the preferred orientation is trending towards vertical video.” —Mark Brodhuber,  Envato’s Video Content Specialist.

“With the introduction of TikTok, social media platforms have begun to transform their user experience not only to include video but, in many cases, to favor it” says Jen Mckinnon, Envato’s Video Marketing Manager.

It’s no secret that the best video content is optimized for its destination and, with more and more social media platforms encouraging users to publish video content, there is a much higher demand for vertical templates and assets than there ever has been before.

Jen McKinnon Video Marketing Manager, Envato

Where is vertical video used?

We’re not just seeing vertical video on social media. This popular format has been used in cinematic film and TV manufacturers have even made TVs that rotate to support vertical resolutions. 

Some big brands are also getting involved. You only have to take a look at Mercedes Benz TikTok account to see that vertical video can be just as good, if not better thanks to interesting angles, in showcasing luxury cars.

Other big brands like Adidas Originals create engaging vertical video content on their social channels using dynamic split screens, animated typography, and a variety of still and live-action shots.

Spotify’s Instagram account is home to a variety of interactive reels and stories that feature Q&As with artists, music trends, behind-the-scenes footage, and collaborations with other brands.

How do customers use vertical video? 

Customers predominantly use vertical video for social media advertising because it performs better and receives more engagement, whether that’s creating a trendy reel, advertising on story, or interacting with their audience through live video.

“TikTok is no longer exclusively for teenagers sharing dance routines. It’s a seriously influential advertising and marketing channel that brands are actively investing in. Combine this with the success of Instagram Reels for brands and influencers, and it’s easy to see why vertical video is such an in-demand category on Envato Elements.” — Bethany Gerrie, Envato’s Social Media Manager.

So, If you’re already creating content in the video space, consider creating vertical video templates for use on social media, ensuring your templates work for both TikTok and Instagram Reels.

What can I create to meet demand in search for items related to vertical video?

Social media continues to dominate searches on Elements. As our love for consuming online video, especially on social platforms grows, we see this as the perfect opportunity for you to create video items with the vertical format in mind. 

“When producing video content you should always try to keep vertical orientation in mind during production. If prepared properly, many traditionally oriented shots can be re-framed in post to create a second vertically oriented clip with minimal effort” says Mark Brodhuber,  Envato’s Video Content Specialist. 

We have noticed that stories templates are in high demand on Elements and we don’t see this changing anytime soon. So, we’ve rounded up some great examples of Social Media templates that allow customers to create high-quality vertical videos with ease.

Instagram Stories by Toucan-Motion

The neon colors and transitions used in this Instagram stories pack are bright and eye-catching! We love the grungy look and feel, so it’s no wonder that this pack has been an absolute hit with customers recently.

Abstract Stories by Lemtal

We love this abstract stories pack by video template Author, Lemtal. Using the nostalgia trend as inspiration, these templates use funky retro colors and patterns to make stories stand out from the crowd. “Video templates like this one help customers to create high-quality content that they may not be able to produce themselves,” explains Mark.

Optik | Instagram Stories by therealist_network

This Optik Instagram Stories pack by therealist_network is the perfect example of what customers search for on Envato Elements. It’s a great choice for creating stories that look modern and professional. Customers can easily customize these templates which will help them to take their stories to new heights.

Instagram Stories Pack By RojinDesign

This Instagram stories pack has everything that customers need to create stand-out content. We love the variety of this pack by RojinDesign. With 540 slides, swipe-up buttons, titles, backgrounds, transitions, and heaps more, this pack is bound to have a template for everyone!

20 Instagram Grunge Stories By Nullifier

The grunge design trend has made a big comeback over the last decade. For customers who are wanting to jump on this trend, this grunge stories pack by Nullifier is the perfect template as it’s made up of dynamic designs that customers can customize.

Instant Stories Pack – AE Version By AmigoMarket

Customers are downloading this instant stories pack by AmigoMarket to create professional Instagram stories that will build brand awareness with minimum effort. We love the versatility of this pack which includes 39 Instagram Stories templates.

Need more inspo? Other popular vertical video templates on Elements are this Vertical Titles Opener by vals_valley, these Insider Instagram Stories 1.0 by Make-Space, and these 100 Instagram Stories by Proskurovskiy.

So, you’ve learned all there is to know about vertical video and customer demand but what does this mean for you as an Envato Author? It means, creating video templates that offer variety. This is something that customers are seeking, so be mindful when creating your video content and keep vertical orientation in mind during production. 

Don’t forget to use the following keywords when titling, describing, or tagging your content.

  • Social media
  • Stories
  • TikTok
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube
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If you’re ready to jump on the vertical video trend and want to find out more about how customers are using vertical video, check out our guide on the Envato Blog here. 

Stay on top of future item opportunities and suggested tags through the Trends & Inspiration section of the Author Hub. 

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