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Meet WRTeam, our ‘Most Creative’ Competition Winner!

Want to get to know the Author whose entry won our ‘most creative’ category in Envato’s 15th Birthday Competition?

WRTeam is the Author behind the most creative entry from our 15th Birthday Competition. Their entry blew us away with the amount of creativity and effort they poured into their submission. 

WRTeam joined Envato in 2017 and have since made their mark with their innovative mobile apps. They used these skills for the competition by creating an entire app to depict their journey with Envato, plus they created a slick promo video to accompany their entry.

Here’s a little more about WRTeam

Founded in 2017, WRTeam began as a team of 3, all located in India. Their name is shorthand for “we are a team” and team values have always been at the core of what they do. Their first sale was a milestone moment for them, which occurred in August of 2017. 

“That moment was about momentum for us”

With customers being at the centre of everything they do, this sale was a sign that they were on the right track with what they were creating. WRTeam have always seen their customers as an extension of their own team and this is reflective in their success.

“We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do”

With each success, WRTeam were able to build on their dream and grow their business, they now have 20+ team members since launching 4 years ago.

Who knows what is next for WRTeam, but with their level of skill and passion, the sky’s the limit!

Watch WRTeam’s submission below

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