Meet Our Authors: Nixmotion_v2

Meet Our Authors: Nixmotion_v2

Today we’re catching up with one of our top Authors, Nixmotion_v2. Nik has been part of our Author community since 2018, and has become an Elite Author on VideoHive and a top Author on Envato Elements.

Read on to discover Nik’s “secret sauce” for getting creative inspiration, the best advice he’s ever received, and how he takes care of himself in order to keep his creative energy flowing!

I’m all about soaking up inspiration from graphic design pros, modern art scenes, and my adventures … That’s my secret sauce for spicing up my projects.

Nikita S Author, Nixmotion_v2

What’s your background?

I have over 10 years as a freelance motion designer. With this, I aimed to monetize my skills and then discovered Envato as an ideal platform. The opportunity to showcase my expertise in a reputable environment and reach a broader audience motivated me to start sharing my projects on Envato.

What or who inspires you?

I’m all about soaking up inspiration from graphic design pros, modern art scenes, and my wanderlust adventures. Movie posters? Total eye candy. Opening credits? Love ’em. Plus, digging into new software tricks? That’s my secret sauce for spicing up my projects.

Funny Faces Pack by nixmotion_v2
Funny Faces Pack by nixmotion_v2

What are your top tips for new Envato Authors?

Working on stock platforms is fantastic because it offers freedom – you control your schedule and engagement level. However, to be good at it, professionalism is key.

Create a schedule, outline a content plan, and set clear deadlines. Remember, success in stock work is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience is your ally and it takes time to see those initial results.

How do you generate ideas for what you create next?

I keep an eye on graphic design trends and check out the holiday calendar for inspiration.

Being both an Envato Elements Author and user, I frequently leverage the platform for my work. I pay attention to what’s missing or needed as a user, and that often guides what I decide to create next.

Pop Art Influencer Opener 
Pop Art Influencer Opener by nixmotion_v2

How has Envato helped you to achieve creative success?

Envato empowers me to fearlessly experiment and unleash my creative potential in projects. It grants me the freedom to explore and liberates me from client dependencies, allowing me to chart my own creative course.

Nikita S Author, Nixmotion_v2

I’m currently loving the trend of collage graphics and how they are being creatively applied in advertising and contemporary projects.

The combination of different styles and 3D models is particularly inspiring, motivating me to explore similar avenues in my own work.

Collage Typeset by nixmotion_v2
Collage Typeset by nixmotion_v2

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever got was to make sure to recharge your creative “mana” by getting enough sleep and taking weekends off to do nothing.

It’s like building up your power to unleash it on new projects later!

Where have you seen some of your items used by customers?

I used to keep tabs on where my items were used, but I’ve stopped counting. Occasionally, creators share links, and so I get to see where my item was used.

One recent standout was this: a true crime YouTube channel called Dinosaur Vlogs with 2.17 million subscribers used my halloween opener in one of their videos. (My item starts at 1:08)

Halloween Memories by nixmotion_v2, the item featured in the Dinosaur Vlogs video.

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