Meet Our Authors: Premiumilk

Premiumilk is a talented video and motion graphics creator. Not only do they have a strong following on Envato but they also have a great presence on social media, sharing their work and informative tutorials to help customers learn more about their products.

They have been creating eye-catching graphic and video templates on Envato for over 10 years and have become one of the highest-earning Authors on Elements.

We catch up with the social-savvy video creator to find out about their journey and their tips for success as an online creative and Envato Author.

What’s your background and how did you get into video creation?

20 years ago I started working at a Broadcast Company. After many years I created my own company and worked with advertising companies making commercials. I specialized in 3D, Motion Graphics, and VFX. For the last 10 years, I have worked exclusively for Envato as Premiumilk. For me, it was the best choice to have a balance between time and economic freedom.  

What do you love about working in motion graphics and why?

I have always been a fan of animation and visual effects. The combination of shapes, colors, motion, and music is really astonishing to me. That is what challenges me every day to make unique videos. I believe that the best project should be the one you still haven’t done.

You’re one of our top-earning Elements Authors. What would you say to someone just starting out on Elements?

Be patient and follow the trends! Always check what clients need by looking at the best-selling projects. Make quality projects with clear and minimal presentation and also try to be unique and keep your own style.

You have 2.68k followers on YouTube. How do you use your other channels and social media followers to drive your earnings?

I try to have an appearance on all social media channels because you can’t guess where the followers come from and followers become potential clients. I just simply upload any new project across all social media platforms and most of the time I try to upload videos with story resolution for mobiles.

Do you think social media is a useful marketing tool & why? 

Selling your projects on a website or a platform is not enough. People spend most of their time on social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and even Behance, so it’s best to have all of your projects on those social media apps. 

How do you come up with new and exciting motion graphics ideas?

Ideas come from everywhere! Envato, Youtube, Behance, and Social Media. Sometimes when I see something nice that fits my style I try to recreate it and make it better through my eyes. Also, it’s very important when you create a project to make all variations and styles that the client may like.

What are some of the biggest lessons that have impacted your work?

The biggest lesson for me is when I start working on a template, I never put any limits or deadlines and always try to update my existing templates.

One of your most popular items (over the past month) has been ‘The Most Useful Transitions Pack‘ — What do you think makes this kind of item so popular?

This Premiere Pro template was made with the idea that users need something that is simple, minimal, fast, and easy for the transitions of their videos. I made this pack with only 10 categories that include the most useful transitions.

What makes you most excited as a motion graphics creator online?

The most exciting moments are when you see your projects being sold. You understand that you are making something useful. Watching your sales increase based on your previous month or year, makes you set new goals and work harder with discipline and consistency.

I love the freedom of creation. It’s interesting to be able to work whenever and wherever I like.

Are there any motion graphics trends that you are loving at the moment?

I love good combinations of colors and simple animations with easy beginnings and endings. I like duotones and tints. Sometimes I get frustrated when I watch videos that lose quality in order to achieve other things like quantity. 

What main programs, tools, or techniques do you use to create your work?

I use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and also collaborate with people that know how to use other digital programs. 

AE scripts help me to complete my work easily. I also created a PremiumBuilder Extension Tool available for After Effects and Premiere Pro, this has helped me to create a big project with more than 1000-2000 animations and the user is able to watch the preview of every element and then double-click and use it for their project.

What are your top tips for video creators just starting out?

Be unique and keep your own style. Find good partners to collaborate with. If you still don’t have a best-seller, keep going and keep making useful projects without looking back. I remember my soccer coach when I was a teenager saying “If you make 10 shots at the goal, you will surely score once.” So keep going and don’t quit!

For more inspiration, you can view Premiumilk’s full portfolio here. Looking for some more creative inspo? Check out our Q&A with talented video creator, Dream_motion. If you want to continue the conversation, jump over to the forums and say hello!

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