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Meet Dredstudio, our ‘Most Heartwarming’ Competition Winner!

Want to get to know the Author whose entry won our ‘most heartwarming’ category in Envato’s 15th Birthday Competition?

Say hi to Dredstudio, who created an inspiring video to demonstrate how his journey with Envato has changed his family’s lives forever. It was uplifting and emotional all at once and many of us at Envato had tears in our eyes.

Here’s a bit more about Dredstudio’s story 

Dredstudio’s Envato journey began more than 7 years ago in Ukraine in 2014. He came across Envato by accident, while browsing social media and decided to sign up to AudioJungle. 

“My first sale happened and from that moment our life began to change”

After his son was diagnosed with Autism, he was even more motivated than ever to generate enough income to give his children the education and care they needed. 

Soon after Dredstudio’s first sale, he was able to leave his job and work full-time on Envato. 

A year later, I started earning enough to begin dreaming of a different future for my family.” 

Following this, he and his wife found a school in Poland that would suit their son’s needs and with the income from Envato, the possibility of moving to Poland for a better life together was becoming a reality.

After receiving an invitation to Elements, the decision was made

“We are moving to Europe”

Three years on, Dredstudio’s family is now living in Poland and his son receives the education and support he needs. 

“Envato really changed our lives” 

Watch Dredstudio’s submission below

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