A Day in the Life with SonoraFilms

My family and being able to express my creativity are the two most important things in life. I always travel with a bag full of my new musical toys – right now I have a pocket size sampler and a synth that I can fit in my bag. It’s a great time to be alive.

Alejandro SonoraFilms

Based in Argentina, Alejandro a.k.a SonoraFilms is a Motion Graphics Designer and Musician, working in animation for over 15 years. Even though he started as a full-time Musician, he’s now a full-time Animator (and hobbyist Musician) on Envato Elements doing what he loves.

In our new A Day in the Life Series, you can get a snapshot of what life is like for authors around the world. Check out the first interview in our series and explore what Alejandro’s typical day is like!

Morning-Mid Morning

My day starts with a kiss from my wife and then we both wake up our three little children. She dresses them up while I fix breakfast for everyone. When they are ready, my wife takes them to school and goes to work, and then that is when my work day begins.

The first thing I do is to prepare some mate (a bitter infusion that only Argentinians can stand – see photo below) then I go to my workplace and start reading design blogs – looking for new trends and interesting things to spark the inspiration. I also check my inbox and answer emails. After that, I get to work!

There are so many times that my projects come from an idea that I’ve written down in my little notepad on my desk and from there, it all begins.


At midday, I take a much-needed break. I am a great cook, so I prepare my meal and then continue working – but before that, I also prepare another round of mate!

Early Afternoon – Late Evening

I often study slow motion footage to better understand motion mechanics and create projects that never see the light of day, but they are one of my secret weapons (until now)!

At 4 pm, I close my laptop and go pick up the kids from school. When we get home, I prepare them a snack and eat together to catch up. We talk about our day and spend time together. We like to draw, play music and dance around. My two boys play roller hockey, so three times a week I get tortured by the gym’s loud echo while they have a great time.


In the evening, my wife gets home and we talk, check the children’s homework, prepare a bath for them and cook together.

Around 9pm in the evening, we have dinner and after that we put them to sleep. We read a bedtime story with the two younger kids and beg our older child not to stay up until 2am playing Fortnite. Then we go to the kitchen to wash the dishes while we share our day.

After that, we watch some Netflix!


Then finally, at midnight, that’s when music time begins. Everyone is sleeping and I set up my music rig to play until 3am.

I never thought that this would become such an important part of my life. Now I can work from anywhere, manage my own time and be a true freelancer.

You can check out Sonora’s full Elements portfolio here.

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*All photos have been supplied by Elements author, SonoraFilms.

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