5 Inspiring Female Videographers on Envato

Happy International Women’s Day! This year’s theme is DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality. The focus is on digital technologies contributing to gender biases and widening the economic and social inequalities of women.

We want to honor our incredible female Authors in the Envato community. From artists, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers, there is a variety of empowering female artists on Envato who are inspiring others with their amazing creations.

Get ready to be inspired as 5 talented female videographers at Envato share their words of wisdom for other women working in the video space.


Elements Author Sophia Manning aka mixmedia87 is passionate about creating eye-catching video templates that help others achieve their creative goals. 

“I love creating video templates as I enjoy seeing everything flow together. I love the freedom to express and the feeling you can evoke by aligning audio with animation” explains Sophia.

Drawing inspiration from music and movies, Sophia uses Audiojungle to find tracks with no vocals to inspire her video template creation. She loves challenging herself and is always finding new ways to push the limits when generating new ideas.

“Pinterest is my best friend for coming up with new and exciting template ideas, an idea board is a great way to start but sometimes unplugging and cycling into the mountains also helps to generate fresh ideas,” says Sophia.

As well as drawing inspiration from music and the outdoors, she finds inspiration from other female creators.

“I follow an Author called FluxVFX-templates, she was one of my early inspirations. Another inspiration was Designdistrict. It was super fun meeting another female artist from a small island creating for Envato!”

Sophia’s advice for other aspiring videographers is not to be discouraged by rejections.

“My first tip would be to start, you have to start. Research the market, be inspired and learn to adapt. Try not to be discouraged by rejections but use them as a tool to grow.”

While keeping up with the latest trends are important, it  is also important to add your personal touch to your video templates. Think of styles that will continue to sell for years to come. 

Kira_ Mishura

Kira_Mishura is well-known in the creative community for her fun, funky, retro video templates.

Kira is inspired by 80s retro designs and glitch animations as well as other artists. “I follow a lot of Authors for inspiration. It’s nice to see positive feedback from other Authors. I think as creatives we need the support of our community”, she says.

As an avid creator, she is always looking for exciting new opportunities to explore. “What I like about videos is the constant opportunity to learn something new, to generate new ideas and to create visually appealing projects.”

Her advice to other female videographers is simple. “Learn, practice, and publish work. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of criticism and keep creating.”


SuzanaTArt aka Suzana Trifkovic, is a woman of many talents having previously worked as a photographer, graphic designer, music producer, and writer before venturing into the world of video.

“About two years ago, I discovered my passion for 3D design. I began exploring 3D art, animation, and motion graphics, which eventually led me to sell my items on Envato,” she says. 

Passionate about learning and evolving as a videographer, Suzana is always on the lookout for new trends to fuel her next creative project. “I’m particularly excited about vibrant ecstatic colors, retro style, and vertical animations.”

Suzana takes inspiration from other artists such as animators, filmmakers, and graphic designers to spark new ideas.

I find inspiration from many other women in my field who are pushing boundaries and creating amazing work.

Even though she loves her work, as a woman Suzana still finds challenges working in a male dominant industry.

“Unfortunately, there are still gender-related challenges that women face in the creative industry, particularly in male-dominated fields like video creation, 3D design, and game development. These include being undervalued or dismissed simply due to gender. However, I believe that women have a unique perspective and can bring fresh ideas to the table, which is why it’s important to continue to advocate for gender equality in the industry.”

I find the Envato community very inclusive which is not the case on many other platforms. 

Suzana is a strong believer in supporting other female creatives. She believes the best way to support female artists is by “recognizing and celebrating their work and giving them equal opportunities and compensation for their talents.”

Suzana’s advice for other aspiring female videographers wanting to achieve their dreams is: 

“Believe in yourself and your talents, never give up your dreams and surround yourself with supportive and encouraging people, those who inspire and help you grow. It’s also important to continue learning and improving, keep your mind open, observe, and stay up-to-date.”


Iuliia Bodrova, also known as motionstate, is another inspiring female creative that we’re proud to have in our Author community. 

Iuliia studied video and photography at university, giving her the tools to carve out a career for herself as a videographer. She soon started experimenting with After Effects, which quickly turned into a passion.

With a love for all things nostalgia, Iuliia finds inspiration from old movies and comic books. “My current motion graphics project is inspired by the 2000s. And I can’t stop digging into CD covers, music videos, magazines, and product designs of those times— I want to cram it all into my new project,” she says.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Iuliia has faced many challenges. “When I started out, it was impossible to find a job in my city as a female motion graphics designer. There were no women in that position. So I ended up leaving the profession for several years. It wasn’t until a year ago that I started working in this field again,” she explains.

Iuliia’s greatest advice to other video creators is “always keep working, don’t stop there, but don’t forget that good work requires good rest.”


Marina Stoylik is not only a video Author on Envato Elements and Videohive but a talented videographer who captures her content whilst traveling the world.

With a passion for all things nature, Marina travels far and wide to suss out the best content opportunities. From scaling mountains to exploring lava caves, using her drone she shoots amazing footage, showing the world from new heights.

“I love traveling in the mountains. I’m inspired by nature and our planet rather than by cool buildings in cities. I love that nature in some places is unique and can’t be found elsewhere,” she says.  

The advice that she wants to pass on to aspiring videographers is: 

“When capturing unique video content, don’t forget about camera settings and compositional rules because the same frame can be shot very well and very badly. Keep practicing as with more practice you can handle any situation.”

At Envato, there are lots of talented women creating amazing and inspiring content for Elements. Check out the video below as 10 talented female Authors on Envato share their words of wisdom for other women working in creative industries.

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