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2023 Wrapped

2023 Wrapped (decorative header)

As we come to the end of 2023, it’s time to look back on the year. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and go through some of the key milestones and accomplishments of the Envato community in 2023.

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Community Milestones for 2023

We ran our 2023 t-shirt design contest

Each year we run a t-shirt design competition to celebrate our awesome creative community. Entrants were tasked with designing a shirt that captures the creative talent and friendly, supportive camaraderie of our Envato community. 

This year, the winner was MajikaBox, with their colorful and creative cartoon-style design! Check out their design and our interview

—-> Check out the winning t-shirt design and our interview with MajikaBox

Envato’s T-Shirt Design Contest Winning design, 2023.

Luckyshoe won our 2023 Creative Process competition

In April 2023, we gave away $1000 USD for our Creative Process competiton. This was awarded to the Author who showed us the behind-the-scenes of their creative process in a visual way.

We received so many amazing entries, from behind-the-scenes content to instructional videos. It was great to get a sneak peek at how Authors create their items and share our Authors’ creative talent with our customers on Instagram.

Our winner was Luckyshoe, a talented photo Author who creates stunning flat-lay product photography on Elements.

—-> See the winning entry and our runners up

Envato’s Creative Process Competition 2023 Winners Announced!

We spotted Envato items in high profile places

It was hard to miss the biggest rebrand of the year! The social media platform formerly known as Twitter rebranded to ‘X’. When Elon Musk ‘Tweeted’ out the new logo, he used a glitch template available on Elements!

—-> See the Elements item used in Twitter’s rebrand to ‘X’

How Video Templates Are Revolutionizing Branding

We profiled many of our incredible reviewers, content specialists, and staff members

This year we decided to turn the spotlight onto our own superstars here at Team Envato. So, interviewed some of our review team and content specialists, as well as our community management specialist.

Check out the articles to discover what makes these people tick, and what they want to share with the Author community.

—-> Get to know Team Envato

Section element
Section element
Cynthia on yellow background

Meet Our Team: Cynthia Barroso, Graphics Reviewer

Graphics reviewer Monie Arreola against a teal background with purple accents.

Meet Our Team: Monie Arreola, Graphics Reviewer

Travis King against a light green background
Audio, Graphics, Photos, Videos, Web & Code

Meet Our Team: Travis King, Community Management Specialist

Photos, Videos

Meet Our Team: Javier Sánchez, Photo & Video Review Team Lead

Web & Code

Meet Our Team: Roberto Hernández, Code Review Team Lead

Image of Mark Brodhuber, Video Quality Team Lead

Meet Our Team: Mark Brodhuber, Video Content Specialist


Meet Our Team: Tyson Frantz, Motion Graphics Reviewer

We transitioned more than 40k Authors to a new payout system

The way we pay our Authors is critical, as we’ve scaled to a business that has paid out over $1.3 billion to our Author community, including over $1 billion USD total earnings for our Market Authors alone.

The changes to our payout experience provide Authors with access to a wider range of payment options. It also allows them to benefit from potentially lower fees, faster transfers and more flexibility.

—-> Learn more about our new payout system

Illustration of a man sitting on a pile of coins with a chart going upwards behind him.

We released our 2022 Public Impact Statement

Each year, Envato releases a public Impact Statement to reflect on and celebrate all that happened over the previous 12 months.

We do this to provide our community with an overview of the results and achievements of the year, and to celebrate the global community that makes us unique.

—-> See the full 2022 Public Impact Statement

Envato’s 2022 Impact Statement

Envato Elements Milestones for 2023

We made MANY improvements to the Elements product experience

It’s been a busy year at Envato working away at our goal to connect our customers with the content that they’re looking for.

From improving the way that customers can discover the right audio for their creative project, to launching curated collections and autoplaying videos, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring new features to Elements.

Section element
Section element
Promoting Elements Audio Featured in Video Templates
Audio, Videos

We’ve Improved the Audio Discovery Experience on Elements!

Audio, Graphics, Photos, Videos

What’s New to Envato Elements in June 2023

Audio, Graphics, Videos

What’s New to Elements in October 2023

We hit over 16 million items on Elements

In 2022 we hit a new milestone for our content library on Elements: we passed the 16 million items milestone!

This is an important milestone for the whole Envato community. More items on Elements means that customers have more choice, and have access to all the on-trend, relevant and diverse content that they need.

It also means that Envato Elements cements its place as an industry-leading product, which drives customer growth and Author earnings.

We hit over 16 million items on Elements

Envato Market Milestones for 2023

Over 300 Authors hit Elite milestones

More than 300 Envato Market Authors celebrated incredible personal and business milestones of their own this year.

We had 117 new Authors join the the ranks of our Elite Authors (>$75k USD in total earnings), and 16 new Power Elite Authors (>$1 million USD in total earnings).

Over 300 Authors hit Elite milestones

Envato Market was named in the a16z Top 100 Online Marketplaces

This is the 4th year in a row that Envato Market has been recognized as one of the world’s best independent online marketplaces. Envato was the only Australian-founded business in the top 100 of the annual rankings list.

—-> Read more about the a16z Marketplace 100

Envato Market was named in the a16z Top 100 Online Marketplaces in 2023

We released AI Search on Elements

This feature is designed to harness the power of AI and use it to help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Our AI-search will interpret the input as a creative brief, and scour the entire Elements catalog for a range of relevant assets across different categories. Customers will be presented with anything it thinks will be helpful for completing your project.

—-> Learn more about AI Search on Elements

AI Search

CodeCanyon launched a new AI category

The change was made in response to growing customer demand for AI items on CodeCanyon, and the need to make the items more visible.

We hope that it makes it easier for customers to find the AI-enabled items as quickly as possible, and in turn, boosts sales for items in the category.

—-> Discover CodeCanyon’s new AI category

CodeCanyon Launches New AI Category

Envato partnered with BRIA AI

Envato partnered with BRIA AI to help develop and launch one of the first licensed visual Generative AI foundation models that facilitates compensation for creators.

—-> Discover more about Envato’s partnership with BRIA AI


Envato’s Industry Involvement in 2023

We joined the DMLA

We recently joined the Digital Media Licensing Association to continue working towards creating a fair and transparent ecosystem that benefits the creative community. While the media landscape is rapidly evolving, the DMLA’s mission remains the same: to protect the rights of creators.

—-> Learn more about the DMLA


Envato joined CEPIC

In April 2023, we announced that Envato had joined CEPIC. CEPIC (the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press, and Heritage) is one of the world’s leading international groups representing photographers, videographers, stock agencies, and asset libraries including Getty Images and Alamy.

Later in the year, our very own General Counsel, Katherine Briggs, was nominated and elected to sit on the Board of CEPIC – giving Envato a greater voice in the industry, the opportunity to collaborate with others and to both contribute to AI policies and learn about different approaches.

—-> Discover CEPIC

Envato joined CEPIC

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