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What’s New to Envato Elements in June 2023

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When customers have a great experience on Elements, it benefits everyone. So we’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure that we’re providing the best customer experience possible.

Read on to learn more about some of the recent product changes we’ve made to help Elements customers find the right kind of content. Take a look and see what you think of these features that are new to Elements!

New: Suggesting items after download

We know that most Elements customers use multiple content types. In fact, our breadth of content types is one of the things they love most about Envato Elements!

That’s why we’ve introduced a new feature where customers who’ve some items are shown complementary items that we think would go well with their project.

Customers who download a stock video item will be shown music items that are similar in style to the video they downloaded, while customers who download music will be shown video items.

We hope this feature makes customers more likely to treat Elements as a one-stop-shop, and license content across different content types.

New: Curated collections

We’re expanding the way that customers can see public collections curated by Envato’s own designers, reviewers, and content specialists.

One of the ways customers can access curated collections is when they’re looking for photos. From “beautiful landscapes” to “furry friends”, we’ve got collections of high-quality and on-trend content likely to impress!

Screenshot of one of the newest features on Elements: Curated collections for stock photos

Customers can now also see staff-curated collections based on their searches. Check out how this looks in the example below, where a customer has searched for “backgrounds”.

Screenshot of Elements search

But wait—there’s more! Customers who are browsing video template items will be shown curated collections with mixed content types including graphics, photos, video, and audio.

This helps to highlight some of the best content in our library, and directs customers to items meeting their needs.

New: Videos on autoplay

Customers no longer have to click to experience your video items properly!

In an effort to streamline the customer experience, we’ve removed the need to click ‘play’ on the item preview page.

All videos will now play automatically (on mute) to help visually engage customers browsing Elements. This change is across both desktop and mobile experiences.

In search result pages, videos will continue to play when a customer hovers their cursor over them.

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