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Customer Search Insights for December 2021 and January 2022

We want to help you create items that our customers are looking for based on search data from our website, as well as upcoming global events.

Below is a list of key search trends from December and January to help you optimize the items you upload in the coming weeks.

Northern Hemisphere Winter – December to February

Author: arthurhidden

Winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere in December, which is when we see search terms such as ‘winter’ and ‘snow’ appear in our top 25 trending searches. Customers are looking for graphic elements, photography and videography that depicts snow, cold weather, warm fires and hot mugs of drink!

Christmas Day – 25th December

Author: prostooleh

Unsurprisingly, ‘Christmas’ is our number 1 trending search term in the month of December. Related search terms such as ‘Christmas tree’, ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ also trend at this time of year. Popular items include images of diverse families celebrating Christmas Day, as well as graphic templates, audio and stock footage for customers to use in their Christmas promotions.

New Years Eve – 29th December

Author: jacoblund

New Years Eve is arguably the most popular party date of the year. ‘New Year’ and related search terms such as ‘fireworks’, ‘happy new year’ and ‘party’ trend throughout the month of December. Customers are looking for images of friends and family celebrating, as well as the traditional fireworks and countdown content across graphics, photos, stock footage and audio.

2022 – January

Author: twenty20photos

Each January, we see the numeric representation of the year we have entered appear in our top 5 trending searches. We expect to see the same for the search term ‘2022’ this coming January. Customers are looking for graphic templates and photography to use in their new year promotional content, as well as using for editorial purposes.

Lunar New Year – 31st January – 15th February

Author: leungchopan

This 16-day festival is celebrated each year across China and the world, with many dates of significance during the festival. The most notable being:

  • New Year’s Eve on January 31st, 2022
  • New Year’s Day on February 1st, 2022
  • The Lantern Festival on February 15th, 2022

This year will be the year of the Tiger, so we expect to see search terms including ‘Chinese New Year’, ‘Lunar New Year’, ‘Year of the Tiger’ and ‘Chinese lanterns’.

Valentines Day – 14th February

Author: twenty20photos

While this event is celebrated in February, searches start to trend in January, as businesses prepare for celebrations and promotions. Search terms such as ‘Valentines’ and ‘Valentines Day’ appear in our top 20 searches and downloads of graphic and video templates in this area increase significantly during this time.

Happy creating!

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