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Customer Search Insights for August/September 2021

We want to help you create items that our customers are looking for based on search data from on our website, as well as upcoming global events.

Below is a list of key events in August and September to help you optimize the items you upload in the coming weeks.

Northern Hemisphere Summer Ends – August

Author: guper

August is the last month of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Terms like “summer” and “beach” still appear in our top 30 searches throughout the month and there is plenty of end of summer sales and events that customers need content for. As the sun sets on summer, template designs such as this party flyer by guper become increasingly popular.

World Photo Day – 19th August

Author: cookelma

If there is ever a good reminder to upload your beautiful photography to Envato, it’s world photo day! We also have a need for items that depict photographers – keyword “photographer” (like this lovely example by cookelma as photography equipment, so keep this in mind when planning your uploads in the coming months.

National Dog Day (US) – 26th August

Author: simbiothy

Dogs are by far our most popular animal on Envato! “Dog” always features in our top 50 searches and in August, it reaches #35. As man and woman’s best friend, our customers consistently need fresh and exciting content for this search term, like this gorgeous image from simbiothy. Make sure you have any relevant items uploaded in time for August.

Labor Day (US) – 6th September

Author: Graphicapital

Who doesn’t love a good public holiday? In September the US celebrates Labor Day, where they acknowledge the workers of the nation. Labor Day often marks a time for parties, sales and more and our customers use items such as this example by Graphicapital to promote their events. Our customers search for this term in both August and September, where it features in our top 100 searches.

First day of Autumn/Fall (Northern Hemisphere) – 22nd September

Author: Webvilla

September marks the beginning of Autumn (Fall) in the Northern Hemisphere. The search terms “Autumn” and “Fall” both feature in our top 50 searches in September. From party and sale promotions to including Autumnal elements in fashion advertisements, our customers are looking for ways to add a touch of Autumn to their content. Webvilla has created these illustrations which can be used as an overlay on many content formats.

International Coffee Day – 29th September

Author: twenty20photos

“Coffee” features in our top 15 searches for most of the year and in September, it cracks the top 10. Appealing and on-trend images such as this example from twenty20photos are popular with customers in September, who are looking for ways to mark International Coffee Day or are just looking for new ways to celebrate their favorite beverage.

Happy creating!

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