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Top Logo Design Trends For 2023

A logo should be more than just an icon – it should be nothing short of iconic, wouldn’t you agree? 

We’ve noticed that customers are searching Elements for logo inspiration to help make a great first impression with potential clients. That’s why, as an Envato Author, it’s so important to stay on top of the latest logo trends. 

So, we’ve rounded up the top logo trends to help you refresh your designs. From Art Deco and Art Noveau to mascots and animated morph logos, here are the top logo design trends for 2023.

1. Stripped Back Logos

Brands are taking a less is more approach when it comes to their logo designs.

“We’ll see this more throughout the year with large brands stripping back their logos and assets for clear communication with their target audience,” says Kristy Campbell from Pink Pony Creative.

Minimalism has had a massive impact on brand design, with more companies looking to simplify their logos to a minimal design to have maximum impact.

“Let’s face it, minimalist logos just work,” says Corey Dodd, Creative Director at Elk Creative. “They’re the ones we know best, and because they’re not tied to any particular design trend or era, they often remain relevant and effective for many years.”

This logo pack by Zeppelin_Graphics is the perfect example of how customers can keep things simple. These minimal logo designs offer plenty of variety, with 50 fully editable files featuring simple icons, negative space, and easy-to-read fonts.

2. Funky Typography

The Funky Typography trend is something that we are seeing more of with customers. It’s fun and playful and represents a highly visual approach to communicating a brand’s tone of voice, achieved through highly stylized typography and experimental lettering. 

“This trend allows brands to truly have their own unique voice and tone through only the logo,” says Kristy Campbell from Pink Pony Creative.“By incorporating funky, stylized typography into the logo, we see a brand’s personality shine through.”

Customers looking to get creative with their logos are searching for fonts like this Tandsok experimental font by imoodev as its smooth curves, expressive ligatures, and elegant ink traps make it perfect for making a statement.  

This hand-drawn look font is another great example of what customers are searching for. The versatile design is not only perfect for logo marks but also typographic quotes, and packaging.  

This Niran font and Psymorph font are great for customers looking to create a more abstract look. Mixing futurist letters with nostalgic curves, these funky designs will help brands stand out from the crowd.  

3. Art Nouveau & Art Déco

Having influenced visual culture for over a hundred years, Art Noveau centers around organic outlines and elegant curves, while Art Deco veers towards structure, sharp angles, and geometric shapes. 

Art Deco is a visual trend that’s been coming in and out of style in design and marketing since the 1920s. Images that combine symmetrical compositions, geometric elements, and rich colors, paired with clean, characterful typography are what define Art Deco.

We’ve seen a real resurgence of this design style recently. This is partly due to the release of the Riot Games and Netflix original series, Arcane. People are turning to the series (and the League of Legends video game it’s based on) for design inspiration.

“Trends tend to have a lifecycle, and vintage fonts are definitely making a comeback,” says Janine Janine Designs Daily. “Grainy textures and bold stylized lettering will be seen across businesses and brands who want to return to their roots.”

For customers looking to add a vintage look to their logo then this Art Deco and Art Noveau-inspired typeface featuring multilingual characters and decorative borders is ideally suited to sophisticated signage and vintage-style posters. While this Pruistine Art Nouveau typeface is perfect for headlines, packages, magazines, and logos.

This Art Deco Monogram Font by Mihis_Design is a sans serif font specially designed for creating stunning monograms. Each font contains over 360 combinations of monograms, letters, and alternates.

4. Mascots & Emblems 

Many great logos feature a mascot as they’re a fantastic way for brands to emotionally connect with their audience by presenting characters customers can recognize and relate to.

“Mascots make brands more approachable and friendly by giving a business or product a face that customers can fall in love with. This is an amazing way for a brand to create a strong emotional connection with its audience and to show a part of their personality,” says Corey Dodd, Creative Director at Elk Creative.

Using cartoon logos like this one by rasiorise_studio will help customers to create a brand that stands out from the crowd.

In addition to mascots, customers are looking for emblem logos contained within a frame or border like this camping logo by InvasiStudio, which features icons that complement the company’s name, a rough-textured background, and an emblem-style border.

5. Swing Back to Serifs

Sans-serifs have long dominated the scene and are popular for their modern, clean aesthetic.

“I think people are going to want more serifs in their logos in 2023 and a variety of characters used across their brand,” said Simon Lewis, Deputy Minister of Brand Design at Studio DBC.

This Bracesso – Stylish Display Serif by Almarkha allows customers to keep their logo simple while adding a unique twist.

Customers can experiment with a best-of-both-world scenario by giving those serious san serifs a whimsical touch through subtle serifs, as seen in the flowing lines of the minimalist serif font Ragasta from GranzCreative, which allows for overlapping initials and looping ligatures. 

6. Distorted & Glitched Logos

While simple minimalist logos rule the roost, there is still room for distorted, glitched logos.

“2023 promises to be an exciting year for distorted and glitched logos as they move front and center on the logo design stage,” says Janine. “This type of logo design trend allows creative professionals to showcase their skill set while making a big impact visually. This stands out in the sea of classic minimalistic logos that can easily lack personality.”

Customers are looking to add some grit and grunge to their work, then experimental fonts like Recbold and Repus, featuring anarchic, mismatched, and genre-shifting letters will do the trick.

7. Animated Morph Logos

This trend is all about movement. Animated morph logos can say a lot with just a few moving elements. 

Google’s logo shows some creative flourish with icons encapsulating its suite of tools – from AI-assisted smart speakers to search. Similarly, the Google Play logo seamlessly moves through various instantly recognizable icons.

Customers looking to jump on this trend are searching for animated logos like this morphing logo reveal, which incorporates digital distortion and glitch elements to help make a statement. It’s easy to customize, so they can decide how their design should move. 

One Envato Author making waves in this space is MarcoHD, they create a variety of customizable video templates from logo reveals, logo intros, and glitch logos to help customers think outside of the box.

For more great examples of animated designs on Elements, check out this article here.

8. Crafty Logos

Brands are looking to enhance their logos with hand-drawn elements or illustrations. This ‘Crafty Logo’ trend comprises logos with layers, collage effects, analog textures, and imperfect lines. 

We’re seeing a demand for more organic shapes in logo design, like these designs for San Diego Design Week, which substitute letters for bright geometric shapes.

Customers can add vibrancy and dynamics to their designs with these tropical fruit illustrations by graphicook. They have a distinctive DIY feel, which adds a fun vibrant quality to any logo.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our logo design trend predictions. We look forward to seeing your work on Elements. For more inspiration, check out our 2023 Digital Marketing Trends.

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