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Introducing AI Search on Elements

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Helping our customers find the best human-made assets, with the power of AI.

If you’ve been on Envato Elements recently, you might have noticed a shiny new feature: AI Search. This feature is designed to harness the power of AI and use it to help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

This feature is currently in beta mode, but it is available for all users on English versions of Envato Elements. Customers (and Authors) can access AI-assisted search from the Elements home page, or by visiting

Read on to learn about the benefits of AI search for both customers and Authors, and how you can optimize your portfolio for AI search.

AI search

How to use AI search on Elements

To use AI search, all an Elements user needs to do is describe their project in their own words.

Our AI-search will interpret the input as a creative brief, and scour the entire Elements catalog for a range of relevant assets across different categories. Customers will be presented with anything it thinks will be helpful for completing your project.

Examples of the kinds of prompts you can use:

  • I’m editing a video about diverse young people skateboarding. It needs a pumping soundtrack to accompany it and grungy intro titles.
  • I’m designing social media graphics for Earth Day. They should be eye-catching and informative, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation.
  • I’m making a promo video for a brand that’s pink, fun and cheerful. Referencing the new Barbie movie.
  • I need some videos of snow sports for my brand. It should be edgy and youthful. I’ll need music too
  • I’m making a video about tennis. I need assets to accompany my footage that shows tennis players practicing.
  • I’m working on a video for an Indian wedding. I need colorful and celebratory photos, video templates and music that are romantic and feature happy people.

The best thing that you can do as an Author to ensure that your content is surfaced when a customer uses AI search is ensuring that your item metadata is in tip-top shape.

Metadata refers to data that provides information about an item to both customers and Envato’s search engine and back-end systems. Without good metadata, your items will struggle to be found by the right customers and are unlikely to perform or earn well.

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This feature will help customers work more efficiently, regardless of where in their creative process they engage with it. Some of the potential benefits of AI-powered search include:

  • Saving time: Searching for multiple asset types can be super time consuming. AI speeds up this process by surfacing relevant assets across the whole of Envato Elements from just one query.
  • Inspiration: If customers know the vibe that their project needs to have, but aren’t sure about the details yet, they can use AI search to find assets that align with their vision, create moodboards, or to better articulate their project to themselves and others. 
  • Increasing accessibility: One of the best things about AI search is that it enables you to use your own words when you’re searching for assets. Things like typos or industry jargon won’t hold you back or confuse the search functionality.
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So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go today! If you do, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please provide your feedback.

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