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International Women’s Day: 10 Talented Female Designers on Envato

Happy International Women’s Day! 

This special day is to celebrate the achievements of women and here at Envato, we’ve got a pool of extremely talented and inspirational female Authors from all around the world that we’d love to celebrate. 

In honor of the big day, we’ve compiled our favorite inspirational quotes from some of our amazing female Authors who make us feel empowered every day. 

So, get ready to be inspired as 10 talented female Authors on Envato share their words of wisdom for other women working in creative industries.

Kaleriia (Kaleriia Tverdokhlib)

If you love what you do, there should be no barriers for you


Elements Author Kaleriia is passionate about drawing women and girls of all shapes and sizes and loves celebrating the female form.

“I really love to draw women,” she says. “ I adore the styles of other nations—Eastern, African, Northern, Asian—I draw geishas, odalisques, and simply stylish and strong modern women.”

Drawing inspiration from other artists and creators, Kaleriia has a deep respect for her fellow female Envato authors. “There are many ladies in the Envato community who inspire me a lot and whom I sincerely admire. Frankie Lee Mwah has stunning collages, and I also love the modern, trendy collections from NassyArt. I also really love the work of Nadispasibenko – she uses the most beautiful watercolors and has an airy, fresh style.”

Kaleriia’s advice for other aspiring artists is to just keep pushing towards their dream.

“Winston Churchill said, ‘Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.’ If you love what you do, there should be no barriers for you. Turning any frustration (and there are always many on the way to success) into an incentive to improve your abilities is the main principle.”

NassyArt (Anastasia Smiyan)

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. We have the power to give life, which means that nothing is impossible for us.


Anastasia Smiyan—also known as  NassyArt—is well known in the creative community for her stunning line art and watercolor illustrations. You can find her work on platforms such as EnvatoBehance and Instagram.

“I always wanted to make the world more visually beautiful and aesthetic, and that’s why I decided to become an artist,” says Anastasia. 

Amongst some of her work, you’ll find portraits featuring a variety of women and people who identify as women. “I create portraits of women of different races, pregnant women, business and fashionable women” she says. “While I like to draw women, to me it doesn’t matter what gender you are – the main thing is what you’re capable of. People should be judged for their achievements and hard work, not for their gender.” 

As a successful woman who has worked in art and design for many years, Anastasia has these words of wisdom for other women looking to do the same.

“I would advise other women to create what they like and what inspires them. It’s also very important to enjoy the process of work. For me, the best advice I received was to properly set up my time management and to balance work and rest.”

EvgeniyaPorechenskay (Eugenia Porechenskaya)

To succeed, be yourself and do what brings you pleasure.


Envato author EvgeniyaPorechenskay is a proud creative woman, who believes that “design should delight and inspire.” 

Being part of a community of female creators is important to Eugenia, she says “I’m  happy that there is a huge community of female designers and creators out there to be a part of.” 

Eugenia likes to experiment with bold and bright colors creating unique yet perfectly commercial photographs. Her photographs scream “pay attention to me, I am bright!”. Her main goal is to create recognizable, aesthetically pleasing work that sells, and that’s exactly what she’s doing on Envato.

As an avid creator, she is always looking for exciting new opportunities to explore. “I’ve started creating pop-art collages and I’m experimenting with animation as this is something that’s on the rise.”

Her advice to other female artists is simple: “be yourself and do what brings you pleasure and this will definitely bring success”

A_slowik (Aleksandra Slowik)

Quality, idea, and execution are important, gender is not.


A_Slowik, aka Aleksandra Slowik, studied art at both school and university, giving her the tools to carve out a career for herself as an artist and illustrator. Drawing inspiration from esotericism and meditation, Aleksandra specializes in sacred geometry and magical symbols, making her one of the most unique authors on Envato Elements. 

“I get all my symbols and drawings through meditation. I try to make something unique and high-quality for people so that they can enjoy and expand their opportunities” says Aleksandra.

While Aleksandra draws inspiration from other female creatives like Maria Starus’ (masastarus), Aitch and Mira Miroslavova she also believes that gender shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to creating art. 

“I have never faced any difficulties or barriers in my creative career due to my gender. Quality, idea, and execution are important, gender is not. I think the art industry has moved on from gender bias.” 

As an empowered female artist, Aleksandra had these words of wisdom for her fellow female creators:

“I would advise new Authors not to hide their work. Often Authors don’t share their work because they’re too worried about what others will think. If you hoard your work on your desk, you won’t get new ideas. Be generous and the world will respond with kindness.

Frimages (Franzi)

Believe in yourself and join communities with other talented women as it helps to support each other.


Frimages, also known as Franzi, is a talented artist, illustrator, and world traveler. Working as a full-time freelance illustrator, Franzi draws inspiration from her love of traveling, sharing her delicate artworks on Envato, Instagram and her website.

“My aim is to create art that is useful to others, art that makes books look more beautiful, blog posts more interesting, and stories more exciting,” Franzi says. “I love traveling, therefore cities, maps and the diversity of people around the world are my favorite topics.”

Franzi is not only passionate about her work but also inspiring other women to strive for what they want to achieve. 

“I think as women, we’re taught to not take any risks, therefore a lot of us struggle to start our own businesses. Having a regular job often seems the safer option – my family, for example, didn’t like the idea of me quitting my job to become a freelancer,  but I encourage other women to take the leap.” 

Her advice to other female designers and artists just starting out is to never give up. “I just want to let women know that it’s possible to earn a living in the creative industries and that it’s totally worth giving it a try. Be brave, believe in yourself, and join communities with other talented women to help support each other.”

Webvilla (Beata Pijanowska)

Do not compare your works with others, just enjoy painting or drawing. People choose art full of happiness.


Envato Author Webvilla, also known as Beata Pijanowska, is a freelance designer passionate about graphics, design and collaborating with people around the world. She specializes in romantic floral and watercolor illustrations as well as website and mobile templates, which she shares on her Instagram account and website

While she’s already a successful creative in her own right, Webvilla is always looking to other female artists for inspiration. 

“I admire Masastarus—she is an incredible fresh artist and her illustrations are so innovative, I could look at them all day!”

Passionate about learning and evolving as an artist, Beata has this advice for other women wanting to pursue a career in the creative industries:

The most important thing is to start now. Do not waste time overthinking if you should be an illustrator or not – just get started: prepare your art profile on social media and upload your first photos. The most valuable advice I have ever received: Do not compare your work to others, you will always find someone better. Just enjoy painting or drawing and choose to create art full of happiness.”

Pixel Colours (Bec Ralec)

Start from where you are and with what you have. You already have what you need.

Pixel Colours

Pixel Colours, aka Bec Ralec, is a talented designer and founder of Pixel Colours Design Studio.  Bec specializes in chic design elements and hand-drawn fonts. Her Envato portfolio is overflowing with gorgeous, romantic typography and quaint handwritten fonts. 

“I have loved art since I was a child,” Bec reveals. “At the moment I love anything feminine. I’m inspired by cute things, nature, creation, fashion and anything pink—colours make me happy.”

Bec’s greatest advice to other designers is—practice makes perfect. 

“Practice is your best teacher; you will improve and learn from every single project you do. We are not perfect, so instead of trying to perfect every little detail, finish that project and move to the next. Remember to start from where you are and with what you have—you already have what you need.”

Telllu (Ingga Endita Nafasyah)

Keep exploring, always feed your curiosity and stop trying to be someone else.


Telllu, aka Ingga Endita Nafasyah, is not only known for creating colorful, punchy graphics but for also hosting creative community workshops in Indonesia.

Although Ingga studied graphic design, at the beginning of her career she spent most of her time doing craft projects. She then began creating fonts and digital assets as second-line products, which led her to join the Envato community. 

“I always make sure that everything is user-friendly, well organized and customizable. My favorite item to create is line art, as you can use it in logos, artwork, printed design, branding – the list goes on.”

As a designer who has worked hard to get where she is today, she says “always trust in yourself. We are our only limits.”

Ingga’s advice for other aspiring female designers or digital artists wanting to achieve their dreams is: 

As women, sometimes we feel like we can’t speak up – but in fact, we just need to be heard. Luckily, as creatives, we can visualize our female experience in our work and share them with the world. I’m thankful to Envato Elements for always supporting female creatives.”

helloDigi  (Maya Delia)

Start acting, making mistakes, winning, learning. This is the way to success.


Maya Delia, also known as helloDigi, is another inspiring female creative that we’re proud to have in our Author community.  She shares her work on EnvatoInstagram and her own website.

With 12 years of graphic, web design and illustration experience under her belt, Maya is certainly a master of her trade. She has collaborated with big global companies such as Lukoil and Geely and even produced her own NFT collection, CryptoHansClub.

Maya takes inspiration from other artists “I follow talented people, companies and studios. I am inspired by artists who are honest with their audience, who rise up only through their talent.” 

The 32-year old believes the best way to support artists is by “not focusing on their gender, but to treat artists as specialists and judge only their creativity”

The advice that she wants to pass on to other artists is: “Act today and don’t delay! Don’t be afraid of anything, just start acting, making mistakes, winning, learning—this is the way to success.”

TasiPas (Tatiana Pastushkovva)

It’s time to change the way that older creative women are represented in the media.


Tatiana Pastushkovva, also known as TasiPas, has been an Envato Author since 2016, creating and selling stunning digital assets. A woman of many talents, she’s not only a photographer but also a vector artist, writer, beta tester, and even a model for her own work. 

At 51 years old, Tatiana aims to change the way that older creative women are represented in the media. “We aren’t just grandmothers for grandkids.” she says.  

She believes that sharing knowledge and experience is the best way to support other women in the industry. “I am inspired by many creative women worldwide—Anna Kucherova, Balabolka, and many more.”

Tatiana wants to influence other women to live out their childhood dreams just like she is. “Sometimes I feel like I’m living a little girl’s dream – playing with flowers, ribbons and other beautiful things. I love it.” 

A woman on a mission, Tatiana shares these words of wisdom with other female creatives:  

“There is only one rule for all creators—do your best. Baby steps and patience is key. Be prepared to wait to see results, and don’t quit your day job as it will give you the security you need while you strive to accomplish new creative achievements.”

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