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Envato’s Creative Process Competition Winners Announced!

The results are in! The winner of our creative competition has been chosen and we can’t wait to share the news with you.

For our latest competition, we asked Authors to show us their creative process in a visual way by documenting part of their creative journey.

We received so many amazing entries, from behind-the-scenes content to instructional videos. It was great to get a sneak peek at how Authors create their items and the work that goes into them.

It was a really hard decision but after sorting through all the inspiring submissions, we’re so excited to announce the winner of our creative competition! Drum roll, please…



Congratulations Luckyshoe, you are the winner of our creative competition and have won $1000 USD, plus a marketing prize pack.

Luckyshoe is a talented photo Author who creates stunning flat-lay product photography on Elements. She made a behind-the-scenes style video to share how she creates her work, from ideation to the finished product.

Featuring her family, we loved this submission because it captures how the creative process intersects with everyday life as well as giving us a glimpse into the equipment that she uses.

I love the 360 view and the reveal of how this was created at the end. It definitely has an emotional impact and I think it is a super engaging and heartfelt entry.

Mel Findlay, Digital Designer, Envato

Watch Luckyshoe’s submission below:


Runner-up 1: ViactionType

We love this video entry by Lukman Hidayat, aka ViactionType. He is a graphics and fonts designer from Indonesia who creates stunning templates on Elements.

After being in the graphic design world for 10 years, he decided to shift his focus to fonts after seeing a gap in the market. “I saw that existing fonts started to be monotonous and not updated, so I started studying and designing fonts,” says Lukman.

His creative entry explores his process when creating fonts, from researching current trends, drawing and sketching all the way through to the digitization process.

I really love the way he shows how he brings his fonts to life from paper to digital form.

Mel Findlay, Digital Designer, Envato

Watch ViactionType’s submission below:

Runner-up 2: stevepfx

We are like a moth to a flame when watching this next entry. This behind-the-scenes style video by video Author, stevepfx, shows how he created an eye-catching fire effect for a motion graphic template.

We love that he uses real fire to capture this footage, giving it an authentic look and feel.

This entry is really cool. It was like a magic trick!

Gibran Gomez Flores Video Producer, Envato

Watch stevepfx’s submission below:

Honorable mentions


Video templates Author, LottiePro‘s entry takes us behind-the-scenes when creating their cute animation, Tess.

It’s simple yet effective and we loved watching the cute triangular character come to life through animation.

This is behind-the-scene footage at its finest!

Jo Birleson Senior Author Relationship & Engagement Manager, Envato

Watch LottiePro’s submission below:


Zhenya Dubko, aka AudioSpaceMusic, is a talented Audio Author who creates stunning sounds on Envato.

His entry delves into his inspirations, his process for making music, and his journey with Envato. He explains how his passion for music started out as a hobby and soon turned into a career.

“My path with Envato started about 5 years ago, back then music was just a hobby. I was writing music from time to time without any musical education so when I first decided to try AudioJungle, I had to really improve in order to have my audio accepted,” he explains. 

This entry is really inspiring. I loved hearing about his inspirations and his growth in the industry.

Lauren Sanderson Content Specialist, Envato

Watch AudioSpaceMusic’s submission below:


Video Author, Videokot, created a fantastic behind-the-scenes showreel to demonstrate how he makes his stock videos on Elements.

His high-quality entry is really creative and uses time-lapse footage to give us a sneak peek into his world as a video creator.

I love the variety in this video. He showcases drone footage, behind-the-scenes and the equipment that he uses. It’s super interesting to see the work that goes into making each item.

Lauren Sanderson Content Specialist, Envato

Watch Videokot’s submission below:

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our Creative Competition, we have loved looking at all of your amazing submissions. Don’t forget to share your entries in our creative community and continue the conversation over on the Forum!

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