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Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition Winners Announced!

The results are in! The winners of our 16th Birthday Competition have been chosen and we can’t wait to share them with you.

For our latest 16th Birthday Competition, entrants were tasked with answering the following question – ‘How does Envato help you achieve creative success?’ Authors could submit a response to either category: Most Creative or Best Storytelling.

After sorting through all the inspiring submissions, we’re so excited to announce the winners of our 16th Birthday competition! Drum roll, please…

The Winners For The Most Creative Submission:

1st Place – palmtreep

Audio Author, palmtreep – AKA Derek Palmer created a movie-like trailer to represent his Envato journey. We loved this submission because it highlights the key things that have helped him achieve creative success as an Envato Author.

From featuring in video games and movie trailers and working with big clients like Universal Studios, Palmtreep has captured the essence of what is possible when working with Envato.

“In the 14 years I have been with Envato, they have enabled me to showcase my skills and work to the world”, he explains.

Envato essentially launched my career as a film composer and is a major supporting pillar in my musical journey.

Watch palmtreeps submission below:

2nd Place – barsrsind

Our second-place winner is Graphics Author barsrsind, who is also known as Marika Belous. For her submission, she created a quirky video explaining how Envato has helped more than just her career. She created a timeline of the amazing things that she has been able to achieve whilst working with Envato.

The video features not only a cute kitty but also a heartwarming story about how her life has changed for the better. It’s a must-watch!

My mother was diagnosed with cancer and my income with Envato helped me pay for the surgery she needed. My wonderful mother is now alive and happy.

Watch barsrsind’s submission below:

Joint 3rd Place – The Geek Templates

Our third-place winner, The Geek Templates, wowed us with their creative concept that draws inspiration from the theme of freedom. The video templates Author has created a really cool video animation sharing the creative possibilities at Envato.

“Envato has made it possible to create projects that I enjoy doing. I’ve always dreamed of working abroad, but as I can’t speak English, that was always just a dream—but with Envato, it came true!”

I’m able to sell to a country on the other side of the world. Thank you so much, Envato!

Watch The Geek Template’s submission below:

Joint 3rd Place – MStoylik

This beautiful video by Marina Stoylik, also known as MStoylik on Envato includes some of the stunning content that she has captured from around the world. Marina’s submission showcased her passion for traveling and creating content on the go. If you’re after some travel inspiration, then watch her video below.

With Envato, I can travel and shoot new sales content while I travel.

Watch MStoylik’s submission below:

The Winners For The Best Storytelling Submission:

1st Place – HushSounds

Congratulations to our 1st Place Winner in the Storytelling category, HushSounds, who shares his story about how his love for music and finding Envato Market broke the monotony of his normal 9-5 job. An added bonus of HushSounds work is the accompanying soundtrack to his story, which really brings it to life.

My love for music breaks the monotony. I come across two peculiar words in a video. What is this magnificent phrase that repeats itself, why does it repeat itself? These two words are: 


 What the heck is Audiojungle?

 In that moment I type the phrase into google. I contemplate how this MUST be a collection of nature’s most exotic creatures and their calls – no. I click the link. It’s not a jungle, BUT 

An oasis.

2nd Place – SemiColonWeb

Web & Code Author, SemiColonWeb, wrote a beautiful poem exploring the theme ‘Imagine’, where they talk about all of the things that Envato has helped them achieve in their career such as creative freedom, customer success and even learning a new language. Here are a few lines from their storytelling submission. 

Imagine! Being Inspired to create something that would actually make a difference.

Imagine! Working in your own time & at any place of your choice. Remote or Home Office.

Imagine! Experimenting with new technologies, learning new languages, or a new skill.

Imagine! Reaching 2 Million+ Customers with a Product you have nurtured.

Imagine with Envato! Achieve Creative Freedom & Success! We Did!

3rd Place – maestro77277

Audio Author, Andrey Kerimov, also known as maestro77277 on Envato Market, has secured his spot in third place with his beautifully written tribute to Envato. Since becoming an Envato Author in 2016, Andrey has become a proud member of the Envato community. He has connected with other talented Authors worldwide, finding inspiration in their work.

“I listen to a lot of music from other Authors of this community, and I am glad that among the Authors there are very talented people from all over the planet”, he says. 

I am happy and proud to be a member of the Envato community.

Once again, congratulations to all of Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition winners! A huge thank you to everyone who entered, we have loved looking at all of your amazing submissions. There are so many notable entries and we will endeavor to feature as many as possible in our marketing efforts. If you missed out this time, keep your eyes peeled for more competition opportunities. Don’t forget to share your submissions and continue the conversation over on the Forum!

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