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Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition Round-Up!

For Envato’s 16th Birthday, we asked Authors to share how Envato has helped them to achieve creative success. Authors could submit a response to either category: Most Creative or Best Storytelling.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition, we have loved looking at all of your amazing submissions and watching your creative work come to life.

We received so many incredible submissions that deserve to be shown some love, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite creative entries and inspiring stories in this video followed by some fantastic quotes from our Authors.

Happy watching!

The Geek Templates

Envato has enabled me to create projects I would like to do. I’ve always dreamed of working abroad, but as I can’t speak English, that was always just a dream, but with Envato it came true. I’m able to sell to a country on the other side of the world. Thank you so much, Envato!

Video Author


In the 14 years I have been with Envato, they have enabled me to showcase my skills and work to the world. It’s helped me find and work with clients I never thought I would ever work with like Universal Studios or the US Army and many more. I’ve been able to be a part of video games, movie trailers and short films from all over the world and it’s opened doors to new collaborations and clients. Envato essentially launched my career as a film composer and is a major supporting pillar in my musical journey.

Audio Author


Envato provides critical things for growth, like a great support system, analytics, dashboards, and tax support. But the crucial difference is the marketing that connects people and gives Authors the freedom to create.

Web & Code Author


I had a dream to make music and make money from it. My dream has come true. Thanks to Envato, I built my own recording studio where I now spend most of my life creating new music tracks.

Audio Author


Envato allows freelancers to have an outlet that supports them creatively and financially in their endeavors. As a composer, it has been a big part of my production music outlet especially as there is a large range of freedom when it comes to what you can create for the platform.

Audio Author


Envato has completely changed my life. Envato helps me earn a sustainable income from home doing what I love with creative freedom.

Video Author

For more inspiration, check out the amazing submissions from the winners and runners-up of Envato’s 16th Birthday Competition.

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