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Elements Item Opportunities For Creative Stock – June 2022

Looking for inspiration to fuel your next creative project? Look no further than this list of the top creative stock item opportunities on Elements for June 2022.

These opportunities offer insight into what content is trending in search, but are in short supply on Envato Elements. From cyberpunk video templates to social media story templates, we’ve noticed a number of trending searches on Elements where you could help us meet the current demand.

Social Media 

Author credit: lemtal

In the last few months, we’ve mentioned that social media continues to dominate searches on Elements. As our love of scrolling and swiping grows we are seeing an increase in demand for social media content, particularly video templates. 

On social media, video content gets the most engagement. As of 2022, the average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos.

Mark Brodhuber Envato’s Video Content Specialist

Customers looking to create and publish more video content on social media channels are seeking ways to generate their content quickly. “Stock video and video templates like this one help customers to create high-quality content that they may not be able to produce themselves,” explains Mark. 

With the rise of social video showing no sign of slowing down, now’s the time to upload your high-quality video content. Don’t forget to use the following keywords when titling, describing, or tagging your content.

  • Social media
  • Social
  • Stories
  • TikTok
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube


Author credit: Guuver

As the pandemic restrictions have slowly been lifted around the world, it’s time to welcome back weddings and events with open arms (yay) — and who doesn’t love a good wedding? 

As predicted we are seeing a huge spike in demand for wedding content, especially in the graphics space. Customers are currently looking for print templates with multiple functions like this one, which includes save the date, invitations, thank you cards, and table settings as a package. 

This is an exciting opportunity for Authors to create fresh designs. We have a lot of floral wedding designs on Elements, but the range of wedding themes is much larger than that.

Kate McInnes Envato’s Content Specialist for Graphics

This contemporary style wedding invitation is a great example of something unique that Authors can create.

When adding relevant items to Elements, consider using the following terms when titling, describing or tagging your content.

  • Save the date 
  • RSVP
  • Wedding Invitation

The Metaverse

Author credit: IrynaKhabliuk

As we discussed in our April Elements Item Opportunities, The Metaverse is a hot topic right now. The Metaverse is attracting a lot of attention, in fact, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” just last year, in a bid to better describe its vision for the future of the virtual world.

With everyone talking about the Metaverse, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most commonly searched terms on Elements, and we anticipate that this will continue to grow. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Metaverse, we recently published this article, which includes some ideas for creating items for this growing search trend.

Customers want to see more Metaverse content, so upload your high-quality items using the following keywords: 

  • Metaverse
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Cyberspace
  • Avatars


Author credit: Dream_motion

We’re pleased to say that cyberpunk is making a comeback. This futuristic, sci-fi trend is something that customers are currently searching for on Elements, especially in the video templates category.  

Science fiction has experienced a resurgence in pop culture. Retro themes from the 80s and 90s are also trending. Sci-fi in the 80s had a gritty, urban, dystopian theme and all of that is coming back into the limelight.

Mark Brodhuber Envato’s Video Content Specialist

You can see this style in films like Blade Runner 2049 and The Matrix: Resurrections alongside newer films like Free Guy, which uses the same style as the popular Cyberpunk 2077 video game that was released last year. 

With a limited supply of fresh, high-quality content to meet this current demand, we see this as an opportunity for our Authors to create more content in this space. Need some inspo? We love this bright Cyberpunk transitions video template by agungugang as well as this funky Cyberpunk credits template by ProMotionSquad-1.

Cyberpunk and Lo-Fi are also highly-searched for genres in our Audio category.

Cyberpunk along with its more distant and ‘chillaxed’ relative Lo-Fi, both stand out as alluring genres of their own. They’re especially apt for pairing with diverse visuals, sometimes surprisingly, due to their regular use of unique and less usual sound combinations.

Adrien Gardiner Audio Content Specialist

Distinct, unique, and most importantly memorable audio outcomes like this track by VXZ, pair perfectly with the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Be sure to keep the  following keywords in mind when tagging your items so that customers can find your work:

  • CyberPunk
  •  Future
  •  Dystopian
  • Urban
  • Neon
  • Matrix
  • Glitch

Web3 & NFTs

Author credit: _miko_

We’ve talked a lot about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, such as NFTs, in our previous Item Opportunities articles. NFTs exploded onto the scene in late 2020 and content relating to this topic has been trending on Elements for many months.  In fact, the blockchain industry as a whole is booming right now. 

With cryptocurrency investing finally reaching mainstream, blockchain development jobs are becoming some of the highest-paid in the industry. We’re seeing countless new projects being released across the space, and many of these teams are seeking stock video and video templates to use as promotional and explainer material.

Mark Brodhuber Envato’s Video Content Specialist

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3, and NFTs are all interconnected but are also unique individual topics. All four terms are trending, but Web3 & NFTs are newer and in short supply on Elements.

Customers are searching for cryptocurrency and blockchain content in the stock video and video template space.  This is a great opportunity for Authors to create content for different platforms, such as informative video templates for Instagram stories and NFT explainer videos.   

When uploading your content to Elements, tagging your items with the following can help customers find your work:

  • Web3
  • Crypto
  • Cryptocurrency
  •  Blockchain
  •  NFT
  • Token

Happy creating! We look forward to seeing your amazing work on Elements and we’ll keep you in the loop with future opportunities for July.

Item quality expectations

Keep in mind the importance of only tagging relevant items with these search terms. Tagging non-relevant items with key search terms saturates search results in a negative way and has a negative impact on customer experience.

All item quality and legal requirements still apply to in-demand items. Please ensure you’re familiar with these here.

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