How this Envato Elements author fell into the freelance life

Envato Elements contributor, Yevhenii (aka Bangingjoints) from Ukraine, sheds light on his creative journey.

Yevhenii doesn’t know whether it’s his love of HipHop culture, the “thug shredding” world of his childhood hero Steven Segal, or his love for the smell of fresh paint that inspired his creative soul. But the Motion Graphics Designer better known as Bangingjoints always knew he wanted to do something creative.

He never imagined, however, where that simple aspiration would take him.

“One Love Hip-Hop Culture” 2015 project

“I started out in the streets with graffiti back in 2000’s with my friend. Two of us had a great time painting and helped each other to develop new techniques”, he tells me. “About 8 years later though, I discovered animation reels: VFX, motion graphics and the world of 3D. It kind of blew my mind away!”

Learning His Craft

Like so many young Graphic Designers, Bangingjoints, who hails from the city of Vinnitsa in central Ukraine, used internet tutorials to learn his craft.

“I’ve tried to learn software every day, staying as multidisciplinary as possible. I spent loads of time watching tons of digital tutorials, doing my own side projects, and just experimenting with stuff.”

One of the mistakes he made early on, however, was that he didn’t practice enough—he was too busy absorbing information. But it helped him learn where to look for solutions to problems that cropped up in his work.

He also learned that he couldn’t make beautiful pictures if he didn’’t dedicate some time to looking at and studying the real world.

The Freelance Life

After his 9 to 5 job, Bangingjoints started doing some digital work for customers. Two years in, his income as a freelancer matched his income from his full time job and he’d developed the confidence and expertise to start making his own work and putting it up for sale.

“The great thing is, I feel that I make something that is totally mine and at the same time is useful for others. And I love that freelance gives me total freedom and has helped me develop the ability to organize and manage my time effectively.”

These excellent time management skills have given him more free time to do other things he loves like travelling around Europe, riding a BMX bike around town and, of course, painting a canvas or wall.

“It takes a lot of late nights and hard work to get to where you want to be, but it’s definitely worth it.”

See more of his work on Envato Elements

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