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2022 Trends in Creative Stock

We’re wrapping up some of the emerging creative stock trends for 2022, from reimagined 00s aesthetics to collages galore! Check out our top 5 picks for 2022’s hottest trends below.

2000’s Aesthetic

If you hadn’t realized already, consider this your official notice: The 00s are back! And it’s not just Baguette Bags and Britney that is making a comeback—it’s the whole 00s aesthetic.

This includes elements of early online technology, pixelated backgrounds, classic fonts, and Windows 95-era graphics. Plus candy colors, fluffy textures and holographic finishes are all back.

In 2022, customers will be looking for stock photography and videography item that represent this trend in both fashion and form, as well as template and graphic packs that will allow them to add iconic 00s elements to their projects.

Diverse, Authentic Representations

While diversity is much more than a “trend”, it definitely deserves a mention. Consumers are demanding more authentic and realistic representation than ever before, and brands are responding. More brands are including diverse and authentic representations in their marketing, and they need content that is fresh and genuine

Now is the time to focus on creating your own diverse content. From authentic representations of BIPOC, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community, to unedited beauty shots and age diversity, there is plenty to create in this space in 2022.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a style created by “blocking out” certain sections of a design or image with specific colors. It is simple, but incredibly effective and packs a visual punch! This technique is great for drawing the eye to certain information or simply just creating a visually impactful image. 

We see this trend exploding in 2022 across all corners of creative stock. Customers will be looking for colorful elements to add to their projects, bright social media templates that make their posts pop, and colorful stock photography and videography.

Mixed Media / Collage

Collages are making a (digital) comeback! With different textures, colors, fonts and formats, this mixed-media trend is here to stay. 

We predict collages will be found on Insta feeds, in web designs, and on trendy packaging around the globe throughout 2022. So, it’s time to get your presets, templates, icons, and designs ready for our customers to make beautiful collages with.


This trend is all about rejecting simplicity and embracing excess. It’s a departure from the minimalism that became ubiquitous in recent years and draws from a concept called Antidesign. Maximalism is all about overloading the senses and often uses bold color combinations, contrasting patterns, layered images, and repeated motifs. 

More is more!” says Envato designer, Taylor Conacher. “Like its cousin Antidesign, maximalist design doesn’t play by the rules. Think bold colors, rich textures, fun fonts, and interesting photography all coming together to create a feast for the eyes.

Below are just some examples of how you could incorporate this trend into your 2022 items. 

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see these 2022 creative stock trends in your creations!

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