What’s Trending in Video? February 2022

Want to see what’s trending in video on Elements this month? We’ve collected the top video items for February 2022, so check them out now! Has any of your content made the final cut?

Biometric Facial Recognition by AlinStock

Stock footage

Things like facial recognition and biometrics used to be the stuff of science fiction and spy films, but they’re everywhere now! From unlocking your phone or laptop, to international travel, biometrics have added a new layer of security to our online world. This item is great to illustrate a biometric scan of a face which is usually invisible to our eyes.

Visualization of Global Social Connections by AlinStock

Motion graphic

This motion graphic is one of the most popular items on Elements at the moment. We love the way that this helps to visualise global connectivity and the real-time sharing of data and information all over the world.

Film Burns Transitions & FX Pack by DaniMult

Video template

This transition pack is highly cinematic and very professional. It features a range of modern looking transitions that are highly versatile and the film look is very on-trend at the moment. No wonder customers have been loving this pack!

Close Up of Female Hands Holding Cellphone with Google Maps by bilanol

Stock footage

Who else checks Google Maps before they go anywhere? Well, looks like our Elements customers are too because this simple but effective close up video of someone looking for a location on Google Maps on their phone is super popular right now.

Golden Audio Waveform with Alpha by GarryKillian

Motion graphic

Customers have been loving this high-contrast and high-impact motion graphic of an audio waveform.

Typewriter by imleany

Video template

This typing effect is simple but effective, and doesn’t distract from the text itself. Customers could use this on a range of projects from social media to corporate videos and presentations. It’s that versatility that makes up the charm and instant appeal of an item like this one.

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