What’s Trending in Stock Footage – August 2021

To help inspire you to create your best stuff yet, we’ve put together a list of some of the top stock footage items that our customers are loving.

Image credit: YummyDs

Dad and Son Playing in Meadow at Sunset, from kryvoshapka

This beautifully shot and heartwarming scene of a father playing with his young child has been a hit with customers this month.

Video Editing Process, from yoycg

This is such a practical piece of stock footage for customers to use to show a video editing process.

Galaxy Stars Video Footage, from aklakur2018

Aklakur2018 has created this beautiful video of our galaxy and shows us that the sky is really the limit to what you can create and sell on Elements!

Businessman shaking hands, from Lifehdfilm

Professional and corporate, this video of two men shaking hands is extremely versatile and high quality.

Global warming and drought, from Baldasaridstock 

Global warming and climate change are topics that we’re all becoming more and more familiar with these days. This simple but effective video is able to capture what it might mean to be without water in the future. 

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