What’s Trending in Stock Footage – October 2021

Check out our top trending stock footage items on Elements.

Are you looking for inspiration to create new stock footage content? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of some of the top trending stock footage items on Elements. Have a look and see if any of your items made the list!

Time is Money, by olegbadak

Time is Money” is proving to be a very popular video at the moment! It can be hard to communicate abstract concepts visually, especially via video. However, this video shows that it can be done. No wonder this video is one of our top trending stock footage items!

Sunrise and Sunset Timelapse, by Tanarch

This high-quality video could be used to show the passage of time, or just an amazing sunrise! Thank you Tanarch for sharing this stunning footage with our Elements community. Customers have been licensing this a lot recently, which shows that there is always demand for amazing nature videography.

Screenshot of a stock footage item. The screenshot shows an orange sky with a few clouds and a bright sun mid-sunrise.

Happy Family, by SergGrbanoff

Our customers are loving this at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. The lighting is beautiful and we can’t stop watching how the balloon catches the sunset. The silhouettes against the golden sky are stunning! SergGrbanoff has created a whole series of items with this theme, and they all look fantastic.

Screenshot of stock footage item on. Scene shows a family of two adults and a young child silhouetted against a sunset. A child's bike is near them

Pensive Woman Thinking Outdoor, by Zeemaster

Perhaps the woman in this video is wondering what makes an excellent piece of stock footage. Well, Zeemaster has some answers! This video has beautiful clean, bright lighting, and natural acting—everything our customers are looking for. It looks very professional and not cheesy at all. All of these elements come together to make this a versatile and high-quality piece of footage.

Screenshot of stock footage item. Close up of a white woman with her hand on her chin looking pensively away from the camera. She is wearing glasses and a white jumper.

Business Team Celebrating Success in Office, by stockbusters

The excitement in this video is contagious, the cast is diverse, and the production quality is truly professional! If we were stockbusters, we’d be this excited about the amazing stock footage content we’re creating.

Screenshot of a stock footage item. The screenshot shows an office scene with a large group of people excitedly cheering and celebrating.

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