Video Template Item Opportunities – October 2021

We’ve taken a look at video template searches on Elements and have handpicked 5 trending searches that our customers are generating demand for.

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Instagram and TikTok

Author JustaMotion 

We’re looking for items that are suitable for various Instagram and TikTok applications. This includes Instagram Stories templates, as well as templates that can be used for brands who are now on TikTok. This is a growing market and our customers are looking for variety. Please ensure you tag any relevant items you upload with the following terms, as well as any others you believe will help our customers find the item they are looking for:

  • Instagram Story
  • TikTok template
  • Facebook Story
  • Plantilla TikTok
  • Social Media templates


Author Metalistic

Our customers are currently looking for video templates of maps in many forms, including travel maps, broadcast news maps, detailed country maps and map infographics. We suggest using the following tags if they are relevant, along with tags describing the type of map you’re uploading:

  • World map
  • Travel map
  • Country map
  • Mapa mundial
  • Mapa del mundo

Wedding Invitation

Author _miko_ 

From templates with lovely pastel colors and polaroid-style placeholders to animated and humorous storytelling, our customers are searching for wedding E invites that will show off their unique love stories. Here are just some of the tags you may want to add to your item at the time of upload:

  • Wedding invitation
  • Convite de casamento
  • Invitación de boda
  • Video Invitation
  • E invite

Subscribe Button

Author VersaStock 

From bold and eye-catching YouTube ‘subscribe’ buttons, to cute animated buttons that incorporate emojis, our customers are searching for subscribe button templates that can help them reach their Social Media goals. Some suggested tags to use when uploading relevant content include:

  • Subscribe button
  • Follow button
  • Social Media button
  • Botón de suscripción
  • Botão de inscrição

Breaking News


Breaking news openers are trending on Elements. This includes TV news-style templates, as well as templates that incorporate more playful, social elements. Below are some suggested tags to add to your items, to make it easy for our customers to find what they need:

  • Breaking news
  • News intro
  • News opener
  • News template
  • Introducción de noticias

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