Improving Music Search and Discovery on Elements

Improving Music Search and Discovery on Elements

We’re working hard to improve the way that Envato Elements customers are able to search for the music they want. This is important for our Authors because it means that customers will be better able to find your fantastic music items!

Read on to see some of the latest changes we’ve made to our search and discovery experience for music. But trust us—this isn’t the end! Keep your eyes peeled for even more exciting updates for the Elements music category in 2024!

AI-Powered Music Filters

We’re harnessing the power of AI to analyze and categorize our music catalog on Elements. This has enabled us to create new filters that customers can use to search for the right music for their creative project. It has also helped us to update some of our existing filters to remove inconsistencies in the way that music tracks are identified in our catalog.  

Thanks to this, we’re able to provide more consistent and accurate results for customers when they’re searching for music on Elements. We’re hoping this increases the likelihood that Elements customers download from our audio library, and keep coming back to Elements for their music needs.

New Filter: Theme

This brand-new filter will help customers search for music that suits their project. There are 15 theme filters that cover all kinds of music from romantic to showbiz. With these, we’re hoping that Elements customers can quickly navigate to the style of music they’re looking for.

Screenshot of new music search filter: theme

New Filter: Decades

Like fashion, music goes through cycles of trends and styles. And while Taylor Swift has had many eras within only a few decades, the rest of the world tends to conceptualize music in terms of genres and decades.

We’ve already got a genre filter (as well as our new theme filter!) so it makes sense to introduce a brand new one to help customers search for the right music for their project.Whether a customer wants an authentic-sounding 1970s-style disco tune, or post-2000s EDM, these filters can help them find the perfect track!

Screenshot of new music search filter: decades.

Updated Filters: Genre, Mood, Instrument

Using the same AI technology, we’ve updated the Genre, Mood, and Instrument music search filters.

These now run on the same intelligent system as our new decade and theme filters. This means that they’re more accurate and detailed than ever before, and means that your content is more likely to be surfaced in the appropriate search.

Instrument, Mood, Genre updated

Curated music collections

Over the last year, we have been rolling out curated collections across Elements. And now, it’s time for music to join the (dance) party! Our review team has been hand-picking tracks to create collections of music to inspire and assist Elements customers.

Some of the music collections include Kids, Funk, LoFi, News, and Corporate Tech Tracks.

Collection of curated music tracks on the theme of "Kids".

Stay tuned for more updates on what we’re doing to give Elements customers the best music search experience possible! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned for 2024.

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