Stock Footage Item Opportunities – October 2021

We’ve taken a look at stock footage searches on Elements and have handpicked 5 popular customer searches.

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Credit to Author: reeldealhd

With Basketball season kicking off in the United States, customers are looking for footage of basketball games on the court, as well as players in outdoor situations and individuals practicing in various scenarios. Please ensure you tag any relevant items you upload with the following terms, as well as any others you believe will help our customers find the item they are looking for:

  • Basketball
  • Slamdunk
  • Dribbling
  • Baloncesto
  • Basquetebol


Credit to Author: VideoMagusFX

From spooky, floating creatures to ghostly decorations, our customers are searching for stock footage that depicts classic and more creative interpretations of ghosts for the Halloween season. Some suggested tags to use when uploading relevant content include:

  • Ghost
  • Halloween
  • Fantasma
  • Víspera de Todos los Santos
  • Dia das Bruxas


Credit to Author: Handrox-G

With various space missions in place (and in the works), our customers are searching for stock footage of astronauts. We suggest using the following tags if they are relevant, along with tags describing any unique features of the footage you’re uploading:

  • Astronaut
  • Space
  • Astronauta
  • La astronauta (feminine)
  • El astronauta (masculine)


Credit to Author: Kokhanchikov

From clear night skies lighting up, to cloudy lightning storms and lightning striking objects, our customers are searching for stock footage of lightning. Here are just some of the tags you may want to add to your item at the time of upload:

  • Lightning
  • Storm
  • Relámpago
  • Raio
  • Tormenta


Credit to Author: ivz

Our Elements customers are looking for stock footage items of butterflies! This includes slow motion, close-up footage as well as groups of butterflies moving through the sky. Below are some suggested tags to add to your items, to make it easy for our customers to find what they need:

  • Butterfly
  • Mariposa
  • Borboleta
  • Wings
  • Insect

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