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Our Top Tips for Promoting your Sale Item In An Envato Market Campaign

Congratulations, you’ve been chosen to participate in an upcoming Envato Market Sale Campaign. Read on to find out how to make the most of this exciting opportunity, how to draw attention to your discounted items, and boost your sales.

What are the benefits of Envato Market campaigns?

You might be wondering what to expect during the campaign week. Sales are big events here on Envato Market, as we know our customers love getting great value. In fact, 1 out of every 3 items sold during campaign week is a sale item.

During a campaign week, over 6 million marketing emails are sent to our engaged customers’ inboxes. All while our extensive affiliate network amplifies the campaign, promoting sale messaging and items through their marketing channels.

We also use campaign banners on Envato Market to ensure that when customers visit the site, they’ll know there’s a sale happening. In addition to sitewide and homepage promotion, we have special category page banners that display all individual campaign items on random and equal rotation. Meaning that your item will appear in the top category page spot for a period of time.

“Envato Market campaigns are well-planned, engaging, and effective; a stimpack to boost sales in the short term!”Maziar Firuzmand – Co-Founder and Chief of Marketing in Artbees.

If you are looking to boost your earnings, you are in the right place. On average, items in a sale campaign achieve a 20% increase in earnings, and it’s typically higher if your item is a best-seller.

Results aren’t guaranteed though, this is why it’s so important that you put in the effort to present your item in its best light and leverage your own audience during the promotion.

How to get the most out of a sale campaign

Our expert team has crunched the data; looking through past sales performance, customer ratings and reviews, emerging trends, item quality and so much more, to curate the list of campaign items — phew! If your item passed this review and has been selected, we believe it has the best opportunity to make customers convert.

But the more that you put into a campaign, the more that you are going to get out of it. Our marketing team works hard to bring increased traffic throughout the campaign, but ultimately it’s the quality and appeal of your item that’s going to seal the deal. 

Make sure your item is up to date and well presented

It goes without saying, you need to put your best foot forward during a campaign and that starts with your item. Customers will be looking at the information on your item page and comparing it to other items on sale, weighing up what’s going to be the best value for them. Make it easy for them by including clear and compelling features and benefits, plus all the technical information relevant to your item.

If you need to put through an item update, do it sooner rather than later. Yes, our review team is on the lookout to get campaign items through quickly, but you still don’t want to be waiting for an item review to be approved during prime selling time. Get prepared ahead of the sale event, so that you are ready when customers arrive.

Remember the rest of your portfolio. Increased visibility of your sale item may lead customers to explore more of what you have on offer. Make sure your other items are updated and well presented too. You always have the option of scheduling discounts on items that missed out on being in the official campaign through the Manage Discount tooling. You can find this option in the edit section of each item page.

Merchandise the sale on your item page

On campaign launch day, it’s time to shout from the rooftops that your item is part of the official Envato Market sale. How? By using the supplied marketing images to advertise the sale on your items page, that’s included in the campaign.

It’s really important to use our supplied marketing images, as they maintain a cohesive look and feel to the campaign. They also ensure that customers can easily recognize your sale item and have a consistent purchase experience.

There are three types of marketing images that we supply;

  • Item Preview Strip — this appears at the bottom of your item preview image and is visible both on the campaign landing page and your item page. 
  • Item Page Banner — a larger size banner that fits into the top of your item page content.
  • Social Media Image — read more about social media later in this article.

To help you use the supplied marketing images, we create step-by-step guidelines for each participating marketplace. These show you exactly how to display each of the image types on your item page.  

The marketing images and guidelines are emailed out approximately one week prior to the campaign launch. Keep an eye out for them on your email that’s associated with your Envato account. Handy tip: Add [email protected] to your safe sender list so important campaign information doesn’t end up in your spam folder.

Here are the guides for the upcoming Mid Year Sale campaign;

Promote through your own marketing channels

Give yourself a competitive edge by leveraging your own marketing channels to promote your sale items. Your item will be amongst others on the campaign landing page and may not appear at the top of the list, but if you reach out to your own audience you can bypass the competition and drive them straight to your sale item.

Social Media

Remember that social media image we mentioned earlier? This is where you can use it to promote the sale on Instagram, Facebook, or whichever social platforms you are on. If you choose to promote on Instagram, complement the sale artwork with a preview of your sale item using Instagram’s carousel function. And remember to update your link in bio and post to ensure there’s a direct pathway to your sale item.

Email Marketing

If you have built an email list, it’s a powerful marketing tool when it comes to sale campaigns. Use email marketing to drive traffic directly to your item page, and call out the savings in your subject line. We’ve tested a lot of subject lines and found the highest performing ones include a clear and concise offer message, here are some ideas to get you started;

  • SALE: 50% Off Starts Now!
  • Our Sale Is Here! Save 50% on [insert your item name]
  • Sale On Now! Get 50% Off This Week Only

If you decide to use any of the ideas above, remember to update the % discount in your subject line to match your sale items.

If you have multiple items in the campaign (well done you), feature them all in your marketing emails to offer your list the most value. 

For the highest impact send times, align your marketing emails with the campaign launch day and schedule a reminder email about 24 hours before the sale ends. Reminder emails are a great way to drive urgency; as time runs out people will be more compelled to get the deal before it expires! Handy tip: Include a countdown timer in your emails to amp up the urgency to purchase while on sale.

Are you also an affiliate?

If you are an Author/affiliate, here are some handy hints for sales events:

  • When creating links for sale events, make sure that you always use the campaign landing page links provided (via email) on the campaign launch day. These links are specially created to update when the campaign ends. When the official campaign is over, they automatically redirect to other items on sale. Meaning you are always sending your traffic to great deals.
  • Use Sub IDs, this is very important to track performance.  A quick reminder on how to effectively use Sub IDs here
  • Use the campaign marketing images provided to keep your affiliate promotions consistent with item page merchandising, and a wider campaign look and feel.

Details about each campaign will come directly from our partnerships team. If you need any assistance with your affiliate promotion, send them a reply email and they will be there to help.

Best of luck in the campaign!

You are now ready to make the most of your sale campaign opportunity. We hope the campaign brings you many new customers.

To find out more about upcoming campaigns and marketing opportunities on Envato Market, head over to the marketing area in our forum and keep an eye out for the next big event. We’d love you to get involved.

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