Introducing Portfolio Manager for Photo Authors

Updating Elements Portfolio Manager for Photo Authors

Introducing Portfolio Manager: a brand new way for Envato Authors to upload and maintain their content.

We’re improving the tools and systems that our Authors use to upload and manage their content on Envato called Portfolio Manager. We’re starting to roll this out from March 2024, beginning with our Photo Authors.

Our aim is to reduce some of the friction that Authors currently experience when providing content through our tooling.

Donna McGrath Engineering Manager, Envato

Why are we changing the way Authors manage their portfolios?

We’re doing this to provide Authors with an industry standard upload, management, and distribution platform.

This platform will help us better understand the content in our Elements library. We’ll use this insight to help us surface the right content to the right customers. In turn, this will encourage customers to download more content, resulting in more earnings for our Authors.

What’s changing?

  • All new photos will now be uploaded, submitted and managed in the Portfolio Manager.
  • We’ve removed the option to upload photos using FTP, as the new system can handle large volumes of content.
  • You will need to match model and property releases to individual photos (you can do this individually or for multiple photos on the same page).
  • Model releases can only be uploaded in PDF format.
  • You will not receive an email with the review outcome. You can check the status of your items in your Portfolio Manager.
  • You can view and manage your items in various item states – For example, you will now see all your approved, rejected and unsubmitted items in your portfolio and can filter your items based on the item state.

What’s not changing?

  • Your previously submitted content (you will be able to see it in Portfolio Manager).
  •  Our technical and metadata requirements.
  •  The review process.
  • Upload methods for other item types.

Where will I track item performance?

The Envato Author Dashboard remains the place for Authors to track how they’re going on Elements.

Why start with photos?

We’re starting with photos they’re one of the simplest assets to manage and review with our new tooling. However, we have more photos on Elements than any other content type (over 10 million photos!), so it’s still a big job!

Have you tested Portfolio Manager with Envato Authors?

Yep! Since December 2023, all new photo Authors on Elements have been using Portfolio Manager. Their feedback and insights have helped us to tweak our systems and processes to make it as good as possible for the rest of our community. 

However, Portfolio Manager is still a new platform for us. We’re continuing to tinker with it behind the scenes to bring your more features and capabilities. If you have any feedback you want to share with our team about Portfolio Manager, please fill out the survey embedded in the dashboard.  

I’m a Photo Author. When will I move onto Portfolio Manager?

We will be rolling out Portfolio Manager in batches until all of our Elements photo Authors are using it. When it’s your turn, you will receive an email from us at Team Envato letting you know when you will be switched over.

I’m not a Photo Author. When will I move onto Portfolio Manager?

Long story short, we don’t know yet. But rest assured, when it’s your turn, we’ll let you know!

What will I need to do to get ready to move over?

Nothing—until you get an email from us at Team Envato!

When it’s your turn, you’ll hear from us, and be notified of the date that your content will be migrated to the new system. When you get this, the only thing you need to do is submit any photos you currently have sitting in your portfolio. 

All of your submitted photos will be migrated over to Portfolio Manager, but you will lose access to unsubmitted content.

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