Tuning into Trends: the Rise in Demand for Authentic Music

Tuning into Trends: the Rise in Demand for ‘Authentic' Music

We’re tuning into evolving trends and serving up the tracks our customers are searching for… with a spotlight on authentic music! Discover how you can help us meet our customers’ demands for the tunes that resonate with them most.

At Envato, we pride ourselves on understanding the evolving needs of our customers and connecting with them. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted extensive customer research, including surveys and interviews with our video creator audience. And it’s fair to say that one clear trend has emerged: our Elements customers are seeking more authentic sounding music. When we talk about ‘authentic music’. we’re referring to music that sounds like it could be played on the radio, or listed on an album, regardless of the genre.

We’re setting out to ensure we meet our customers’ demand for new, on-trend tracks.

Testing new waters

As one of the largest unlimited subscription-based music libraries, we know how important it is to stay on top of trends while offering a range of content that meets a diverse range of customer needs. In order to grow and attract new customers we need to continue to test the waters with new styles of music.

So, we’ve been working on a plan to explore particular genres and styles of audio that align with these emerging trends. 

We recognize that as an Author, venturing into new musical territory and dedicating time and resources to produce new content can carry some risk, in particular when the music doesn’t immediately appeal to the widest possible customer base—and if that content is buried by new, more generic content. It can take a while for a movement to get momentum.

Most of our current customers are accustomed to the style of content we’ve always featured—and need some time to understand the value in authentic music. But over time, we imagine many of them making the transition to this style of music over the more traditional stock music style and tone.

We also understand that we have a responsibility to help educate our customers on the value of new types of content, such as authentic content, without being too intrusive.

Young sound producer working at studio by diignat
Young sound producer working at studio by diignat

Introducing PureHits

PureHits is a channel of content commissioned by Envato. The content in this portfolio comes from a combination of existing Elements authors and an external artist. 

This is part of a pilot initiative where we aim to explain and demonstrate the value of authentic music while building up our offering—hopefully reducing the risk involved with creating content for a small, but growing, group of customers. 

We know that we already have authentic music available in our library. So we’re also going to work on making this content more visible and easier to find and ensure that we include this Author content in any new initiatives as we roll this out.

The introduction of PureHits, and the supporting marketing plan for the overall authentic music initiative, allows us to test the waters and gauge audience interest with various genres and styles. Ultimately, this means that when listeners come to Envato to find a specific type of music, we’re able to show them all the great audio produced by the Author community in every genre they are after. 

What do we mean by ‘authentic’ music?

We understand that authentic as a descriptor can mean different things to different people. 

When we talk about promoting authentic music on Envato, we’re talking about music that sounds like it could be played on the radio or listed on an album, regardless of the genre.  

Another way to look at it is to differentiate it from traditional stock music. Traditional stock music is generally the kind of music you’d expect to hear as a subtle backing track. While authentic music could be used in a similar way, it could also be enjoyed as stand alone entertainment. It may sound like vocal pop or a contemporary pop hit.

Vocalist taking a break in front of a microphone in a recording music studio by zamrznutitonovi
Vocalist taking a break in front of a microphone by zamrznutitonovi

Examples of authentic music

Pop Vocal Chasing Fast Synth Action by PureHits

This fast-paced pop track with female vocals is an energetic track that you can imagine in a driving scene of an action movie. It could also easily be a track that might accompany someone’s workout.

Vibe Tribal Dark Drivin by PureHits

The tribal beats in this track set it apart from the usual suspense tracks and give it an otherworldly feel. It’s easy to imagine it being used as background music for a movie or TV show that has intense, suspenseful and action-packed scenes. Alternatively it could be used for video games that need a high energy soundtrack during gameplay, or even as a tribal dance track on social media. 


As the music industry continues to evolve, the rise of authentic music as a prominent search trend demonstrates a slow but steady shift towards ‘non-stock sounding’ music. Our pilot program and supporting marketing initiatives aim to cater to this growing demand by showcasing the diverse range of audio creations crafted by our talented Author community. 

By encouraging and calling for authentic music, we hope to not only meet the needs of our growing audience but also provide a platform for artists to share their creativity in various genres and styles. Embracing authenticity in music not only resonates with listeners but also fosters a vibrant musical landscape where individuality shines through. We look forward to working with our Author community on this movement!

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