Meet Our Authors: Music Maestro Matsteiner

Meet Our Authors: Music Maestro Matsteiner

Our latest Author story is an interview with talented musician and music Author Matsteiner. Mat has been an AudioJungle Author since 2012, and on Elements since 2018. He has over 450 tracks on his Elements music portfolio, and over 550 on his AudioJungle portfolio.

Mat is a full-time producer, songwriter, sound engineer, and keyboard player. He has been writing and recording songs for over 30 years. Mat has accumulated a wealth of expertize that he kindly shared with us, so read on to discover his advice and his story.

Be yourself, try to develop your own style and prioritize quality over quantity.

Mat Steiner Envato Elements Author

How did you get into creating music on Envato?

I am a full-time producer, songwriter, sound engineer, and keyboard player, having written and recorded songs for albums, commercials and films for over thirty years.

I run my own studio for recording, mixing and mastering. One day I was looking for a video template for a short video of mine. So I came across Envato and saw that as well as a video template, you can also buy the soundtrack to go with it.

I bought the video template, but of course I wanted to make my own music for this video, while I wondered whether I could also offer such music at Envato too.

So I opened my own portfolio and started to regularly produce new music for it, which then brought more and more success, which then made it possible for me to invest more and more time in my portfolio at Envato.

Today I am very happy that I can fully express my creativity with so many different styles and ideas. Especially when I not only sell licenses, but also receive very positive and encouraging feedback from customers.

I’m inspired by nature in general but also time with friends and family.

Mat Steiner in his workspace
Mat Steiner in his workspace

What are your top tips for new music Authors?

Firstly, don’t give up too quickly, it’s a marathon and not a sprint when it comes to offering music. It’s also not just about uploading as much as possible in as short a time as possible, because at some point customers get bored if almost everything sounds similar and they realize that the quality is not high enough and that the work is not done carefully.

It’s better to have a few carefully crafted gems that sell really well than a pile of junk that only happens to sell in the first few days because it’s new, but then never sells again after a few days because the quality isn’t really right.

If you offer high-quality tracks, then you will have many satisfied and—above all—returning customers over time.

What current music trends are you loving?

I think it’s great that there are so many different styles of music, some of which merge into each other and also co-exist at the same time. There are of course fashion trends that come and go, but basically I think there is always a certain acceptance or niche for almost every style of music.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

That it’s not a sprint, but a marathon if you want to sell music successfully.

Where your items have been used?

Sony Mobile & Qatar Airways have both used tracks of mine. I couldn’t find them online, but have got the videos they were used in.

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