Meet Our Authors: INPLUSMUSIC

Meet Our Authors: INPLUSMUSIC

Today we’re catching up with Andrii, the founder and music producer behind INPLUSMUSIC. Andrii has been making music in various ways for the last 15 years. He is an Elite Author on AudioJungle and has almost 800 tracks on his Elements portfolio. Read on to discover how he stays inspired and decides what he creates next.


Hi there! My name is Andrii Poradovskyi, I am a music producer and a founder of INPLUSMUSIC studio. I have been making music for over 15 years.

Throughout this time, I have come a long way from a simple musician to a music producer. I have gained tremendous experience in creating music, and now write music for a huge number of projects, for artists, movies, advertisements, video games and TV shows. I even do sound design for live and visual performances.

Envato instilled in me perseverance and self-confidence. I’ll always be grateful for that.

Andrii Poradovskyi INPLUSMUSIC

Diwali Greetings, a video template that uses INPLUSMUSIC’s track This Indian in its preview.

What do you like about creating for Envato?

I love creating and writing music for Envato because it gives me freedom. When creating for Envato, I have the freedom to choose my style, freedom to choose when to write and much more.

I was always looking for a platform that wouldn’t limit me and would give me the opportunity to choose what I do. This is Envato.

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What or who inspires you?

Music! I am constantly listening to music, and a huge variety of different types of music. I don’t know what will inspire me next; it could be something from the 60s, or something that is super new and cutting-edge. This is what inspires me.

What is your advice to new Envato Authors?

Never give up! Move forward despite failures, always improve and learn. With INPLUSMUSIC I learned never to stand still, even if you become very successful in your business. Always keep striving.

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How do you generate ideas for what you create next?

I listen to a lot of music, watch commercials, and listen to music in movies. Music plays in my head all the time. When I have an idea, the first thing I do is hum and record into a dictaphone. Then later I come to the studio and try to recreate what was playing in my head earlier.

How has Envato helped you to achieve creative success?

Envato is an incredible platform. Thanks to Envato I learned a lot about music, I made many friends and gained many new clients, and my music ended up in a lot of commercials, video games and movies.

Thanks to Envato, I have the financial opportunity to support my family, my parents and help my homeland—Ukraine. Envato instilled in me perseverance and self-confidence. I’ll always be grateful for that.

I love music with live instruments, it can be rock, funk, lo-fi hip-hop and much more.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever receieved?

Systematic work conquers everything, even talent.

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Enjoyed getting to know Andrii from INPLUSMUSIC? Make sure you follow him on Instagram @inplusmusic. And, if this kind of content is your jam, then you’ll love our other interviews with the talented musicians in our Author community like Matt Steiner, Derek Palmer, HushSounds, and more!

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